47 Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow

Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow

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Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 44

On the 11th of August the military aircraft show devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Russian Miltary Air Forces took place at the Monino airport, situated near Moscow. During that performance one could see the legendary Russian aircraft models, on the ground and of course in action, such as SU-27, KA-50 Black Shark and many, many others.

Watch the footage below.

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 1

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 4

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 5

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 6

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 7

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 8

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 9

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 10

Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 11


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47 Responses to “Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow”

  1. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    Awesome! I love the MiG-29 and Su-27, they are my favorite fighters.

  2. p1k3y says:

    all i hear recently is american fighters crashing

  3. Texas1 says:

    What’s the deal with that high school kid with the attitude? Someone needs to kick his ass and teach him to smile when he’s looking at a camera.

    • Pros says:

      Oh, wait… Maybe you are a mex???

    • Petya says:

      That’s another feature you can never get used to in Russia if you were born (or lived) in the US. They don’t smile! Well, I mean they know how to smile but they never smile to a stranger, they never smile to a co-worker in the office, they never smile to a sales person at a store or to a teller at the bank (and those people don’t smile back of course). In fact, their faces express anger and annoyance most of the time, and that is a norm. If you are smiling at someone you don’t really know, they take it as a sign of mental illness, or as an attempt to get something from them. They do smile and laugh when they are among trusted friends or acquaintances only.

  4. Wotan says:

    COOL! Nice planes.

  5. John from Kansas says:

    What a great show! Great photos. I enjoyed seeing the An-22 in flight (photo #60)and the American Douglas A-20 in the static display (photo #16).

  6. hardscarf says:

    The Ukrainian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sknyliv_airshow_disaster in 2002 involved an Su-27. Most likely because of pilot errors it crashed in the public with 84 deaths and over 100 wounded as result.

  7. Igor Abramov says:

    Pros is angry because i leaved his gay ass alone LOL !

  8. sashok says:

    love the colors

  9. Zak says:

    Fine photos, great planes!

  10. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    I love Russian aviation!

  11. Marky says:

    Some wonderful photos there. Very sharp and colourful. Excellent images!

    I have often wondered why some of Russia’s aviation history is parked at Monino exposed to the elements. Some of the stuff there is unique and needs to be protected before it rusts and falls apart.

    Thanks for the pictures!

    • John from Kansas says:

      I understand that there are not enough storage hangers to house all of the aircraft. Perhaps this will be corrected in the (not too distant)future.

      • Marky says:

        They’ve been parking the aeroplanes in the open since the 1960’s. I don’t think they care too much about their aviation history. Proud yes, care no.

  12. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    Wow, some of those photos are amazing! Great quality!

  13. adios says:

    klassnie foto,nashi samolioti luchshie!!!

  14. gully says:

    just out of curiosity why russian think or say that MIGs are best military planes ever? has anyone compared them with those F series from LM X series from Boeing? i’m sure MIGs are cheeper but that does not guarantee quality

    • Excelentz says:

      It is common knowledge that no Iraqi MiG-29 was shoot down by US Airforce during the war in the Gulf. At the same they destroyed 1 PanAvia “Tornado” for sure.And there is a doubted info about 2 F-16 crashed after fighting with “Fulcrum”s (MiG-29 nickname)

      • Gully says:

        hmm, would you elaborate a little? which exactly war you’re reffering to? and where is that “common knowledge” coming from? i mean can you give some links? as far as i know at the first persian gulf war 38 of iraqi migs were shotdown by coalition planes and rest of ‘em just run out to iran…
        but i don’t think those enents prove that MIGs are superior to Fs or Xs or otherwise…

    • zafarad says:

      we can`t see direct dog fight between russians and other westren pilots.iraqis afghans and syrian etc,are poor trained and had ill capibalities to fly these state of the art planes.please do the answer,that unified germany why still use his former e.german su,and migs.being cheap is not problem.westren powers grab millions and trillions of dollars of poor countries to sell their 1st or 2nd generation air crafts.market economic system has one and only rule,propeganda warfare.

    • rollins says:

      the mig-29’s were created keping in mind to counter or atleast to come at par with
      the american f-15’s,f-16 falcon, f/a 18 hornet…these migs were so good that the Pentagon pounced on the planes after learning Iran had inspected the jets and expressed an interest in adding them to their inventory. Although Iran already flies the less-capable Fulcrum A, it doesn’t own any of the more advanced C-models. Of the 21 Fulcrums the United States bought, 14 are the frontline Fulcrum C’s, which contain an active radar jammer in its spine, six older A’s and one B-model two-seat trainer. This agreement authorized the United States Government to purchase nuclear-capable MiG-29 fighter planes from the Government of Moldova…the migs and the sukhoi’s may be cheaper compared to the fighter’s
      offered by their american counterparts but they are certainly not of poor quality.
      The russians keeping their price low have a wider market and they offer the latest
      as compared to america.

  15. Yuri says:

    Nice pix and incredible weather.
    For the rest: as usual all military stuff and zero decimal zero general aviation.
    Most of the planes are Soviet designs. Welcome back to the USSR.

  16. Richard S. says:

    Looks like a very impressive airshow. I wish I was there. The SST in the background… Does it still fly?

  17. Tim says:

    which helicopter has the double rotor?

    nice pictures kudos to who ever took them

  18. Richard S. says:

    The combat helicopters including the double rotor; can they perform loops or rolls?

  19. manuel says:

    i lov the russian aircraft, but the truth is that US. planes fail just as much as russian or any military. peace, lov, marijuana.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Aircraft, especially high performance aircraft require great skill to fly. Most accidents are due to pilot error. Sometimes even a small mistake can be fatal because things can happen very quickly.

  20. zafarad says:

    i still amazed,to watch the great russian planes and choppers.i think no one country show huge no`s of plnes like russia.if `U ASS OF A`do not use his political pressure upon the purchasing countries,russian plnes might be no`1 in term of quantities.

  21. emarkay says:

    Wow – a Tu-160!

    FYI, a few of the Tu-160’s painted like that are named for famous Russian Federation heroes, like Illya Muromets, Vasiliy Reshetnikov, Pavel Taran, Vasiliy Senko, Aleksandr Novikov, Valeriy Chkalov, etc.

    There are a few Tu-160 model kits out there, and here is a review of them:

    Thanks for posting these photos. Regardless of Governments or Politics, there is nothing more fascinating than aviation!


  22. James says:

    In a dogfight Russian made jets will outperform the American counterparts.. this has been proven in a mock combat by Indian AF and USAF over the last few years…

  23. Bodh Chiri says:

    There is a real difference between “life flight” which is the birds, and mechanical flight.

  24. rollins says:

    It’s so sad some of those birds are rusting. They should make an indoor stadium or something like that to protect them from the weather.

    • ElwoodBlues says:

      They do have a hangar for balloon baskets and cloth covered mono & bi-planes.. But, there is simply not enough space for all the aircraft at this museum. Also, I was told they had a fire that destroyed some hangar space and displays in the past year or so..

      I’ve been there twice and highly recommend it. Unfortunately I have only been there in winter.

      I plan to be in Moscow this summer from June to August. Can anyone tell me if there will be a similar air show this summer on August 11th?

  25. balakrishna says:


  26. Well that was brainfull. Here’s an off topic for Memorial Holiday– did you know that the USA flag has special rules on how it can be shown? I did somewhat and read about here at this United States Marine Corps Veterans Website there’s a PDF for the grabbing that lays it out too.

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