26 Gothic Style Playground

Gothic Style Playground

Posted on August 11, 2007 by

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 1

We continue to receive photos of the various kids playgrounds in Russia.
For example, this Moscow playground is made in Gothic style.

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Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 2

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 3

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 4

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 5

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 6

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 7

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 8

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 9

Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 10


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26 Responses to “Gothic Style Playground”

  1. Rico says:

    Strange but still interesting.

  2. sdfas says:

    Is this from the soviet era?

    Truly like a bad acid trip. This kind of thing would give a child nightmares. It gives ME nightmares. Those clowns… ugh.

  3. Rico says:

    I would imagine their laws concering personal injury law suits are a bit different than in America, lol.

    When I was on vacation in Mexico a couple years ago I saw holes in the middle of sidewalks that would have caused instant lawsuits here in the US.

  4. Marky says:

    Ah….memories :-)

  5. Chipo says:

    Lawsuits are so 20th century.

  6. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    That is a bit strange.

  7. glvoid says:

    scariest stuff, like this ca be found in Medvez’egorsk, thats in karelia. The town used to be a tine growing industrial see port and then everything just stopped working and it started to die out. There are a lot of parks and abandoned playgrounds standing in what looks like forest: the best one is a huge mechanical rocket that used to go up & down; slava rossii;

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Most children would be fascinated by such a place. They know it’s make-believe and it’s fun.

  9. zax says:

    Bear (?) on second picture looks like those from North Korea:


  10. yingjai says:

    first one looks like teletubies

  11. Spongebob Loves you and completes you says:

    Why do chainsaw sculptures have this creepy gothic feeling to them?



  12. Amerikan says:

    What else could you build if you only had a welder, some steel tubing and a few logs and chisels?

    There weren’t any premade playgrounds made by designers and factories, they all are one-off, put together by some local drunken construction workers.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Yes steel and wood, easy to come by in Russia. These objects are imaginative and unique. This place may be a one-off, but children will always have fun there. Do you think they care that these things were not developed by designers and built in factories?

  13. Amerikan says:

    Yes, they do care. The carousels and swing sets in the USSR were bone breaking forehead cracking solid steel contraptions.

  14. Anders says:

    I guess the bear is a version of Misha, the mascot of the Moskva Olympic Games 1980:

    The guy with green pants must be “Karlsson on the roof”, one of Astrid Lindgrens characters (extremely popular in Soviet Russia).

  15. Right says:

    Anyway, I love this cartoon with all the freak`s.

  16. AvengerRus says:


  17. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  18. Angel Baker says:

    Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?”*-

  19. Hemlock says:

    The place is NOT gothic, it’s just old and dilapidated. Kids shouldn’t even be allowed to play there, they might get tetanus.

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