7 Russian Scooter-Limousine

Russian Scooter-Limousine

Posted on August 10, 2007 by

self-fabricated scooter-limousine 1

Below one can find the pictures of self-fabricated scooter-limousine. Looks very impressive, but it’s interesting, how this guy is going to use it?

self-fabricated scooter-limousine 2

self-fabricated scooter-limousine 3

via webpark.ru


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7 Responses to “Russian Scooter-Limousine”

  1. yingjai says:

    lol… sorry can’t help it. ur russian word looks like hax. xD

  2. Pendosoeb says:

    Ф дисятке!
    Пиндосы атжигают нипадеццки.

  3. Ubermensch says:

    this isnt a limousine at all

    yes its a long scooter but a limousine is a car with a roof which implies a scooter limousine to have a roof too.

  4. Andrew says:

    If you notice, he’s not done with it. My guess is that he’ll be putting a very long seat on it.

  5. manuel says:

    that playa, I’m 4rm the us, but i allways show love to the russian people. peace, love, and marijuana.

  6. Limo says:

    Nice one people should read this.

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