27 Not a Common Matreshka

Not a Common Matreshka

Posted on August 9, 2007 by

Russian Matreshka

Probably “Matreshka” is the most famous Russian thing – it’s a wooden doll that has another smaller doll inside which also carries smaller one and this can extend up to 30 smaller and smaller dolls until reaching the smallest tiny doll thingie. They are usually painted in accordance with Russian tradition, like on the photo above.

But these day design studio ArtLebedev.ru has expressed another view on Matreshkas – no using one of their products you can memorize the data measurement units. The biggest doll is called Terabyte and the smallest is… ugh, what’s there, smaller than a byte?

Matreshkus by ArtLebedev.ru

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27 responses to “Not a Common Matreshka”

  1. teKuru says:

    Bit is smaller than byte. 8 bits = 1 Byte

  2. Texas1 says:

    I think it is Russia’s largest export next to vodka. It might tie with porn.

  3. Texas1 says:

    or mail order brides

    • Washington says:

      I wish I could say – “she will be back” but it ain’t gonna happen buddy 🙁 But don’t worry too much Texas1, in about ten years time you will save up for a new trailer 🙂

  4. John from Kansas says:

    Very nice. Another unique project from the imaginative Art.Lebedev Studio.

  5. Richard S. says:

    I remember buying a matreshka here and the label said “Made in Taiwan”. I thought that was an insult so I didn’t buy it…

  6. Texas1 says:

    I would be amazed if something like this could be made in Taiwan affordably. They probably make them in China where slave labor is readily available.

  7. Chipo says:

    And Merika, especially Texas’, biggest export is only sheer stupity.
    An insult to the rest of the world.

  8. sashok says:

    i think it’s time that Texas1 goes and sits on something, that something being a ‘hui’. maybe then he can export his own porn to the perverts down in the sewers.

  9. Swede says:

    It’s матрёшка, not матрешка. So it’s matryoshka in latin alphabet (english transcription), not “matreshka”.

  10. yingjai says:

    you dont have to worry about anything smaller than a byte. if you look at the photo, you can clearly see the only units used are TB, GB, MB, KB, and B

  11. onitake says:

    i like artemy lebedev’s (and his studio’s) creations!

    if only the optimus was the initially planned 300$ and not 1300$ 🙁

  12. Boris says:

    No nibble or petabyte?

  13. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    FYI, matreshka come from Japan where it was known for centuries. First ‘russian’ matreshkas were sold in Paris some about 1900.

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