42 The Palace in Azerbaijan

The Palace in Azerbaijan

Posted on August 7, 2007 by

The private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan 1

This is nothing but the private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan (the former USSR republic). Two years ago he was sentenced to the five years of imprisonment with the confiscation of property. The reason was corruption. Together with the imprisonment he had to pay a compensation of $17 million which seemed not to be a big trouble for him.

Some pictures of the property after the jump.

The private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan 2

The private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan 3


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42 Responses to “The Palace in Azerbaijan”

  1. Karol Krizka says:

    Crraaaazy palace. How many rooms does it have?

  2. Pete says:

    with some shortys?

    Yo I would be pimpin!

  3. Pacific NW says:

    “taste”, I suppose if you think the gaudy decor of cheesy 70’s mafia movies is “taste”…

  4. maxD says:

    Proves again that money can’t buy taste. Typical peasant dreams of glamour. Check http://www.lui.ru for similar ‘new russian’ taste.

  5. B_Raven says:

    Lawn surely sux, but the big question – CRT TV next to jacuzzi ?? lol

  6. Tim says:

    it seems small, cramped. My house is way nicer. Totally

  7. James says:

    His jacuzzi room reminds me of the movie Scarface…

  8. Texas1 says:

    Nice place. They could definitely use a TruGreen franchise and a few Mexican lawn care workers in Russia. The lawn care people for this home must have been drinking Vodka…maybe they should switch to tequila and marijuana.

  9. Texas1 says:

    Man, look at all of those canlights? Those things leak air like crazy and with all of the windows that home must cost a fortune to keep comfortable.

    • Texas1 says:

      I forgot to mention all of those cathedral ceilings that probably don’t have any insulation. Actually, with the little space between the top plates and roof this home may not have any insulation at all.

      Any guesses on what this thing costs to air condition, heat and keep comfortable? I bet it runs close to $4,500 – $5,500/month. In any case, this home was designed very inefficiently and Russians think Americans use too much energy. Ha!

  10. spearfisher says:

    Who cares about energy consumption in a country awash with oil? Especially if you are a health minister. In this republic mafia bosses would buy APC’s in Soviet times – so no wonder a health minister builds a palace like that.

  11. kostya says:

    They didn’t call USSR “workers paradise” for nothing!!!

  12. Dadya Petya says:

    what heat bill are you talkin about, it’s cold there in winter, don’t u see palms in the background, and what’s up with enery eficient stuf, all you do is buit houses out of wood here, than put some 2inch brick around it and drywalls on the inside, and yu call it a house??? maybe you should go and check some ot the houses over there, which don’t require a/c to be cool in summer, and use big boiler rooms with steam in the winter ….

  13. Dadya Petya says:

    i’ve meant not cold there ..

  14. Washington says:

    Tony Montana’s russian dream!

  15. mad1982 says:

    Thnx many arabs people think this place 4 saudi prince

  16. Jeff T says:

    Louis XIV would be at home there.

  17. your name here says:

    Ha Ha! This place won’t impress me until I see things like a flatscreen next to his bathtub instead of a regular tv. What an amateur.

  18. Lera says:

    looks like some rappers home:) exactly!
    but nobody thinks of judjing them though… i wonder…

  19. Syx Puzz says:

    Nice TV, Bob! Ha!

  20. John M says:

    This is also claimed to be the house of Mugabe, Sharukh Khan, and various others. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhXxi4PcJaQ

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  22. Mary says:

    This is a house in Bel Air LA USA

  23. Miss Brazil the amputated says:

    just like your average house in trailerparks, america

  24. Jibu Gurukkal says:

    Hey, Its India actor Shah Rukh Khan’s house in Mumbai… Just search in google for it.

  25. I M Appalled says:

    Good Lord, it looks like a bordello.

  26. + says:

    , , - .

    (Vo”gele, Dynapac, Demag, Titan, Volvo, Wirtgen, Hamm, Bomag, Case, Caterpiller, Libher .)

  27. James says:

    An unbelievably ugly house filled with tacky and tasteless furniture. What a waste of resources.

  28. Haya says:

    That’s not really his palace, this is Waleed Bin Talal Daughter’s House.. I think.. well that’s what i saw on a documentary

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  30. JamesBond says:

    This was shown in the US as Mugabe’s residence in Zimbabwe

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