29 Watermelon War

Watermelon War

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About how Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops 1

In our recent publications we told about how Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops, called “VDV day”, when some of drunk paratroopers swim in the fountains and sometimes can even beat people.

So happened in Lipetsk city, when the big group of celebratings came to the central market. Thought they didn’t discover any Azerbaijan owners of the counters, they started to smash up all the watermelons. Following this incident, the victims became Russian saleswomen, which now have to pay large compensation for the spoilt goods.

And what’s about the police, they simply didn’t prevent the lawbreakers from the rampage.

About how Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops 2

About how Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops 3


29 Responses to “Watermelon War”

  1. Dizdat says:

    Yyyraaa! The heroes have returned from Estonia!!

  2. Kir says:

    Yes, that is actually the essence of Russia!
    That is why many reasonable people are still leaving it…

  3. Amadeus says:

    I expect to see this drunken, unruly mob destroying villages and small children next.

  4. adios says:

    palatki raznesli?

  5. Shizo says:

    This is actually a very small incident probably not even worth mentioning. The pic on top is awesome though – it looks like a dolphin holding up a flag.

  6. jahva says:

    that looks gay

  7. jf long says:

    There has to be more to this story, but on the surface it looks like yet another example of Russian thuggery.

    I’d offer possible solutions or explanations, but knowing Russians as I do they wouldn’t listen, and would probably become offended that I even offered to help.

    Respect for thier fellow human is NOT something I have observed Russians having a great deal of.

  8. Russ, Ian says:

    Kind of reminding you American ghettos, isn’t it? But you won’t get that either.

    • jokez says:

      American ghettos? Of course I don’t get that either because I’m not American and have never lived in America.
      Why are you acting so defensive…are you a boneheaded melon smasher???

    • D says:

      These arent your local street thugs.. this is the military and no the american military will not come to the ghetto and destroy a vendors products. There would be some serious repercussions and the vendor would be compensated. The government needs to step in and pay this women for her watermelons plus extra for her troubles.

      And NO, Russians are not inhumane people, If this was the mother of any of the soldiers, I’m sure this would be different.

      The american military is known to get drunk and go wild too, it happens every day, but those responsible get punished and those affected get reimbursed.

    • vladimir says:

      You have a mental problem with USA, go to a doctor (non-Russian.)

  9. Dima says:

    Drunkenness is not an excuse, it only brings out in a person what was already there. Drunken foolishness & hate-filled idiocy.

  10. Petrikauer says:

    They’re allowed do exhibit poor behaviour EXACTLY because they’re drunk and dangerous. They went through some serious training in the army and police is simply afraid to do anything. However, I would love to see those “paratroopers” fighting with real enemy on the battlefield. Would they be so clever? I don’t think so.

    • vladimir says:

      +1000 points for you!

      Send them to Chechnya!

      (I’m sure they won’t smile and probably their mothers would be the ones crying…)

  11. Orcinus says:

    what the hell is going on there?
    It looks like a whole russian batalion is hungry for watermelons, but too poor to buy one?

  12. Wisconsin1 says:

    Looks like more Flying Monkeys.

  13. plop says:


  14. Delicious says:

    This looks even more gay than the fountain pictures.

  15. Tim says:

    the gay soldiers looked hot. i thought it was a nice pic, really weird and out of place compared to all the rest though.

  16. sohrab says:

    I’ve been to city of Lipetsk and this vegetable market last summer.it’s actually a very beautiful city with very great people(at least I didn’t meet any of these army people,thanks god)…and right now I really want a watermellon!

  17. CrazyIvan says:

    can you repeat this to them? foolish, isn’t?

  18. Major Misunderstanding says:

    If they come to Britain to try and smash our watermelons, they’ll have a fight on their hands.

  19. laser beam says:

    Watermelon trading business in Russia is traditionally controlled by people from Caucasus, Azerbaijani, Chechens, Georgians, and others. Many of these paratroopers participated in wars in Caucasus. Consequently, they have very bad feelings to Caucasus people. Moreover, many of those Caucasians who live in Russia are frequently behave very impudently and aggressively against Russians. They are famous for high crime rate. Relationships between Russians and Caucasians in Russia are quite tough. I would say it is similar to relationships between whites and blacks in the US. So, even though this behavior of paratroopers is illegal and I am not supporting them, there are certain reasons for that. They are only attacking businesses which belong to Caucasians, and only on the paratrooper’s day. Once a year. If I were a trader, I would just close my business for that day to avoid accidents and that’s it.

  20. Jon Banuk says:

    nvmd the last comment, if Marines pulled this, id nevr respect them.

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