29 Soviet Cars We’ve Never Seen

Soviet Cars We’ve Never Seen

Posted on August 5, 2007 by

How about the compilation of the rare Russian cars that even common Russian people that live in Russia had probably never seen before? Hand picked examples of Russian automobile industry are presented in this article for your viewing pleasure.

AZLK factory (now is closed) was indeed the factory of “might-have-been” Soviet auto-dreams. Judge by yourself:

Moskvich 408 Tourist (1964) with the top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) could be a real cabriolet for the middle class, but at that time the country leaders decided that such an automobile would be too luxurious for a Soviet proletariat.

Moskvich 408 TouristMoskvich 408 Tourist

The idea of this Moskvich-cabriolet was carried out by AZLK only in producing pedal vehicles for kids.


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29 Responses to “Soviet Cars We’ve Never Seen”

  1. Amadeus says:

    Looks like Russia would’ve been chalk-full of fun cars were it not for communism.

    Why aren’t things like these made today? They look like good fun!

    • Amadeus says:

      UAZ 3907 Jaguar
      “The vehicle showed wonderful rolling characteristics..””

      Sweet! It Rolls!

      +Hopefully this isn’t double posting this message+

  2. Amadeus says:

    UAZ 3907 Jaguar
    “The vehicle showed wonderful rolling characteristics during various tests at extreme temperatures (from -116F (-47C) up to 113F (+45C)).”

    Sweet, it rolls!

    • ismo, a finn says:

      Well at -47 C I know quite a few cars that doesn’t roll for sure. At mid-80’s I had a Lada 1200 S witch was the only one at the parking lot to start at -38 c without block heater. Others couldn’t even push-start their cars, they were too stuck to roll.

  3. Richard S. says:

    I was in Russia last year and there seems to be more foreign cars than Russian built autos there.

  4. Indy says:

    French Lada importer’s name is Poch, not Pok…
    He was quite successful in some time, especially with the Niva which is still a good car…

  5. Tom says:

    Maybe Russian cars didn’t fare too well because they were rubbish? Ladas had a deserved reputation for a reason…

    • Cam says:

      I had a Lada Niva when I was in my late teens. Wonderful little 4×4. Took all the punishment an 18 year old could hand out and begged for more. It’s life finally ended when I could no longer get replacement brake and ignition parts. I would have kept it for many more years otherwise.

  6. D says:

    What could’ve been. Please start building them again. New designs…. partner with foreign investors and manufacturers..build new factories…create new jobs, just do it.

  7. Opra says:

    Not only have I been to Russia but I have some relatives there. They’ve always been car owners but they have never even seen anything like that before. It’s great, I think that if such cars were still issued nowadays, they would add much fun to our roads.

  8. Henry says:

    I miss the GAZ 3105 and the 3111, very very rare.

  9. Shizo says:

    Some cool cars there! Some really ugly ones too..
    I think that VAZ 2122 Reka (River) is worth developing, without even any design changes. It looks good and rough, they just have to update the technology and put it on the line.

  10. laziaf says:

    what are nice car & woman…

  11. Chairman says:

    Lada Niva is not rubbish its a rather good and sturdy off roader and popular in Canada and still sell for 3k to 5k which is pretty good resale for item that was 12k brand new!!

    The Uaz 4×4 is very good.

    The Volga sedan is very good as well

    Mind you the Samara was junk as was the Zaz

  12. Alex says:

    It’s all about the money.
    Russians can build flying car :)
    Show me the money!!!! :)

  13. Mr.Tinkles says:

    “Soviet Empire”
    Where in the world I could get just and simply NEUTRAL media and information??
    This website is anti-communist??
    I just want information,news and media without politics and ideology: just the truth,the way that it is.

  14. Mr.Tinkles says:

    Now the Russians can buy any car,they can even import an car.
    BUT,they need what?
    Those Soviets cars could not be excelent,but anyone could have one.Now,just richs can buy any car.The medium class too,after several years of working,can buy one pretty car.

  15. Stephen says:

    The UAZ 3907 Jaguar or a very similer vehicle was used in the new Indiana Jones Movie through the jungle car chases scene.

  16. tep says:

    that car in the movie was german kubelwagen

  17. Vital says:

    You are wrong. In the USSR it was very hard to buy a car, because they were very expensive and simple worker have to wait several years in long queue for jar with nuts and bolts. Only really rich people could freely buy a car in this time.

    But modern Lada are worse made then 70’th and 80’th models. So here you’ve seen only dreams, reality is something different ;)

  18. Throstur says:

    Just wanted to say that the Lada 1200 is the best built car ever, if you take good care of it then it’s going to work 4ever.
    I have had many Lada’s, 3 Lada Niva (called Sport here in Iceland) Lada 1600 (big block) perfect for rally, Lada Lux 1500. I love the Lada, it’s simple and works.

    Best regards to you all

    Hello from Reykjavik

  19. Throstur says:

    If any one is looking for Lada parts, I could help. So many are still in use here and parts are easy to get.

    You can send me a line or two if you are looking for something to maintain your Lada.


    Have a nice day

  20. LT specialist says:


  21. Abit says:

    From all russian car – the best were azlk 214145 (Svyatogor with Renault engine 2i F3R (or F7R)), it can racing with golf gti where better, i have see it, throut golf was designed some yeare later

  22. eyefull says:

    I love the ZIS 101A sport of 1939.
    Real style and design.
    This could be re-made with a lighter weight aluminium body, a modern high compression engine, such as the lada rally cars, [ No 1930's cars anywhere had the same high compression as modern engines, they all relied on more and bigger cylendars to increase power, but at the expense of extra weight and fuel use ], and modern tyres with better grip profile.
    With a modern high compression, lighter weight engine with better fuel / power / weight ratio, and this cool styling, they would be a great seller, both export and home market.
    A great post, thanks.

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  24. Sergey says:

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