24 Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps

Posted on August 5, 2007 by

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 1

What zodiac sign are you? In one of the suburbs of Moscow Zodiac street lamps have appeared, so everyone now can know which street lamp seems more kindred to him.

The one above is Libra (The Scales).

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 2

Scorpio (The Scorpion).

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 3

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 4

Capricorn (The Sea-goat)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 5

Aquarius (The Water Carrier)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 6

Pisces (The Fishes)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 7

Aries (The Ram)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 8

Taurus (The Bull)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 9

Gemini (The Twins)

Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps 10

Cancer (The Crab)


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24 Responses to “Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps”

  1. Gman77 says:

    Now these are pretty ‘cool’

  2. numb says:

    Heh, I wonder how russian artists come up with these rather strange ‘sculptures’. If you see those in the dark, you will probably ask yourself “wtf is standing there..”

  3. Pete says:


  4. John from Kansas says:


  5. David says:

    Wonderful public art, these remind me of the characters in russian fairy tales. and I agree with Pete. some atmospheric shots would be great. thanks for starting my day with fantasy and imagination.

  6. Louis says:

    Wow ! Beautiful !

  7. sig says:

    Great!! Does anybody know WHICH Moscow suburb is home to these fellows? I wanna see them.

  8. Mike says:

    The style reminds me of an Irish artist (whom I can’t remember the name of) that had a sculpture of a horse in the park for “the centre of Europe” in Lithuania

  9. shawn says:

    I’d hardly say those are “on the streets”. They simply appear to be singular art pieces done in a park. Cool, yes? But your story embellishes the purpose…

  10. Jill says:

    Does anyone know who actually designed and made these? Who is the artist?

  11. Hyrum says:

    That is cool. Is it all in Moscow?
    I should ad this stuff to myspace.com/berg125

  12. Roger fom Costa Rica says:

    spectacular, a real artist, my favorite sculpture is taurus
    Roger, SJ, Costa Rica

  13. Dia says:

    They’re funny, amazingly done, and a wonderful idea.

  14. Laurente says:

    That’s absolutely terrific.

  15. Wow. This is wonderful! It remind me on old times.

  16. [...] whimsical astrological street lamps. pisces is shown below, but check out all twelve sign lamps on ENGLISH RUSSIA and i bet you didn’t know russia is an aquarius did ya? var ecov = “sh”; [...]

  17. Absolutely!. Your site is one of my new favorite places. Cheers.

  18. Tech Vina says:

    [...] sign, but have you every given a thought that lamps can be based on the theme of zodiac signs? These street lamps come from one of the suburbs of Moscow; a wonderful display of public [...]

  19. ara says:

    nice sculptures, amazing must be hard to weld the piece of metal altogether. salute to the artist;D

  20. [...] Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps: English Russia offers a gallery of unique, hand-crafted street lamps that represent the 12 zodiac signs, find out more here. (englishrussia.com) [...]

  21. Sylvia C. Jimeno says:

    The welding process in the construct the lamps, manpower pool of high technical skills and generate potentials of a modern world technicalogical advancement of the soco-economic condition of the community.
    Somehow,various aim to enhance the skills and making of lamps more productive, unserviceable parts of vehicle parts to established surfacing, cutting and provide so much strength and repair broken metal parts to hard surfacing to extreme wear and weld. I was interested about the zodiacs, the street lamps….from Moscow,Russia.

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