31 One Day in Russian Army

One Day in Russian Army

Posted on August 4, 2007 by

russian army chronicles 1

Just a few photos from one day in Russian army. Here are the soldiers sit and study?

russian army chronicles 2

russian army chronicles 3

But suddenly an alarm rings!

russian army chronicles 4

The commander gets the urgent order: “Go fix some rails, soldiers!”

russian army chronicles 5

And they are moving out.

russian army chronicles 6

russian army chronicles 7

It’s a hard labor to fix those rails!

russian army chronicles 8

russian army chronicles 9

But The Commander assures: “Everything would be fixed in time!”

russian army chronicles 10

photos via maskodagamo

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31 Responses to “One Day in Russian Army”

  1. nikich says:

    Слава России!

  2. Amerikan says:

    These are some propaganda photos showing some things an enlisted soldier might be called on to do. Why else would they be wearing helmets, bullet-proof vests and with AK’s on their back. There are no attacking enemery forces nearby.

    In reality what most enlisted soldiers do is perform slave labor for the top commanding officers. They build houses, do landscaping, or any other remedial chores someone with a high school education can do. Being enlisted is essentially 1% playing with outdated rusty military equipment, and 99% providing free manual labor for 2 years which personally benefits only the commanding staff and not the country.

    And ofcourse there are many cases when soldiers are rented out by officers to others, to perform manual labor at other sites. Or sometimes even to make money by prostitution, but this is not the norm.

    • Amadeus says:

      It looks fun, though.
      We do the same thing in America with the Reserves, except no manual labor.

      The reserves a few weeks were paid 100$ to attend a BBQ and eat large amounts of cow. Not to mention jump on a Moonwalk. (Serious)

      • Amadeus says:

        Sorry to fix my grammar “A few weeks ago”

        The day before that, they were going to be jumping into a pool wearing all their gear with an M-16; but it rained that day, so they just stood around and got paid for that.

        They were a division who are supposed to get sent out to Afghanistan, since we know Afghanistan is known for it’s many large bodies of water…

        • D says:

          Really?, they must be lucky. I have many friends who are in the American army, but they have to dodge bullets from Arabs in the middle east. Most have been in and out of Iraq for a few years now. And yes, they are reserves.

          • Tim says:

            yeah honestly i know of very few reservists that haven’t been cycled thru one of the combat theaters.
            sure in the late nineties and before 9/11 that was pretty common but not anymore.

            • D says:

              You must not know many reservists at all.

              Reserves are 30 % of all soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. At times up 40-50%

              Thats 1 out of every 3 soldiers… coming from reserves.

              The american military is strained… meaning there are not enough soldiers, and they are using whatever they can.

              And um, in the late 90’s and before 9/11, there was NO WAR to call on reservists. Psssst..we are in 2007, we are in a war.

              You can keep listening to bush as he promises a troop reduction but in fact installs plans to increase troops. Pretty soon you’ll be shooting an Arab in the middle east and thinking “We are about to turn the corner” (as bush always likes to say). And then you’ll turn the corner and wish you could go back. Too late.

  3. Pete says:

    those uniforms a so sloppy looking.

    I am suprised they let them get away with that.

  4. humanoid says:

    I think some of these might be stills from a movie. The fat man looks like a character in a recent movie about life in a Soviet bloc prison with stereotypical corrupt staff.

  5. Wisconsin1 says:

    I sure hope no one poisons the English Russia guy after this.

  6. Wisconsin1 says:

    Meant to also say ROFL for comments under photos.

    • Amadeus says:

      Thanks for the link! These are nice!
      Had I known joining the Russian service would earn me enough money to buy drinks for everyone at the club, I would’ve joined years ago!

  7. Al says:

    These guys are railroad troops, responsible for the railroads during wartime and as a matter of course customs duties ect. They do a lot of maintenance work also and repair.

  8. hrhm says:

    What is so special in these photos?

    ?? :D

    Isn’t that nice that servicemen have something different (/helpful) to do besides sitting in muddy dugout. :D

  9. darren says:

    Q. How do you stop a Russian tank advancing ?

    A. Shoot the men pushing it.

  10. Mixas says:

    China imports trash from the US. And I hear that it’s pretty big business now.

  11. DRON says:

    Yea, it russian army :)

  12. Call of Duty says:

    Russian army best in the world :)

  13. Who dares Wins says:

    Actually, I think you’ll find that the best forces in the world are the British SBS, closely followed by the SAS.

  14. dos says:

    russian army was made 4 lulz

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for the great post ! Found your blog on Google and I’m happy I did. I’ll be reading you on a regular basis ! Thanks again :)

  16. QIN says:


  17. Mo says:

    Dude, you’ve been playing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Red Alert 3.


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  20. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Good article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the failure of Russia to make their professional army a success.


  21. I'm forget me nick says:

    Zagoryanka forever!

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