9 Russian TV News in Photoshop

Russian TV News in Photoshop

Posted on August 3, 2007 by

Photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia 1

In our recent publications we already told, that russians like to make internet stars from amusing or extraordinary people seen in mass communication media. In such a way appeared Chumazik, a drunken factory worker, and his brother Glazastik or a Big-Eyed Guy.

Now Russian Internet users made photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia (Time), which is very popular in Russia and have been in TV broadcast for many years.

Photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia 2

Photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia 3


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9 Responses to “Russian TV News in Photoshop”

  1. the_great_below says:

    These photoshop jobbies are getting old. Chumazik was pretty amusing but this is just weak.

  2. I am says:

    Pic 14 where guy eats is best

  3. white_wyrm says:

    Низя купи-купи, низя! Порвало в клочья, так нельзя. Увижу ль такие новости по ящику?

  4. Ivan B. says:

    Hey – where’s the bear?

    Prevyed, medved!

    (or is that old news already?)

  5. Jeff T says:

    Putin at the news desk cracked me up. Of course our version would be Bush & Fox News.

  6. garrett says:


    haven’t never e-mail a rusky! how you doing everthing ok need some plagurizering? went to the market store in an american NP and wondturded weather it was sunny or bleek thats how my ’04 summer went at the grand canyon was a time when i reveled at the sight of eastern european women but now i view them as nationalists who only feed with their own why is that? frady cats of their own design or just plain ignorant to what a man actually needs i live in seattle wa half a world away and yet not person has made a kind gesture at spending a night together so please don’t cry on me when her milk turns sour cus she kant provide the vibe it’s take to be mainstream wake-up euro-trash girl!

  7. pynipple says:

    very very good … better than I expected to see when I clicked on the link – some really good ones on here

  8. Taupey says:

    The last one cracked me up! :D

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