25 Ukrainian Chicken Shopping

Ukrainian Chicken Shopping

Posted on August 2, 2007 by

full trollies of frozen chicken  1

It seems that some people in this Ukrainian city love to each some chicken. And if they buy chicken they buy it gross.

full trollies of frozen chicken  2

full trollies of frozen chicken  3


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25 Responses to “Ukrainian Chicken Shopping”

  1. spearfisher says:

    I though they were into pork/salo, no?

  2. Igor says:

    Do you think it is an American Chicken?

  3. Paglief says:

    These are Ukranian animal liberationists. The chickens will be nursed back to health and released in a conservation area. Success has been limited.

  4. humanoid says:

    Yes, I think the Ukrainian Chicken Liberation Front needs to speed up their schedule by a few days.

  5. D says:

    I don’t know about Ukranians, but I like to eat, not “each”, chickens.

  6. Radical Vlad says:

    I’m thinking that those “special” chickens are stuffed with a contraband of some sort.

  7. Lada says:

    Hey, they could be cooking for a wedding or some other banquet. Ukrainians are generous and hospitable.

    [please do not use "lenin" as an anti-spam word. maybe you will use "hitler" or "stalin" or "pol-pot" tomorrow?]

  8. Delicious says:

    This looks like a sale on chicken.

  9. squidwurd says:

    I saw some Russians in Texas buying watermelons and canteloups in bulk. It was very strange. I see this is something normal?

  10. Adam from Canada says:

    There was a case in the states where they sold hamburgers at mcdonalds for some obscene low price, as a result ghetto families bought em and froze em to serve to their children for lunch.

    I think this is far more sanitary and logical. +1 for the russians for what clearly is taking advantage of a good sale. I dont know how much chicken costs in russia but 5 drum sticks in Austria or Spain cost something like 2 euro 50. In Canada at a premium supermarket its like $1.20 which is less than a euro.

  11. tseplenok says:

    why no jokes about “chicken Kiev”?

  12. other says:

    … you realize you’re whats wrong with the internet right?

  13. ST says:

    In Ukraine(Dnepropetrovsk) you can get whole chiken for about 15-25 hryvnas(UAH)=1,94 USD.They bought chikens for party or for their own business(cafe or restaruant)

  14. Laurente says:

    So why then they can’t buy at the warehouse instead of regular market? It looks insane.

    • KT315 says:

      In close proximity of included in a supermarket often disposed grill. To the owners of him more comfortable, to purchase in a supermarket, that on warehouse.

  15. James says:

    There are peoples, Whom prefer buy in a supermarket instead warehouse, this is normal, especially for peoples that have small business.

  16. George says:

    I bet they buying these for their private grocery stores.

  17. Russian says:

    guy will sell grilled chicken. it is something business

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