34 Don’t Drink and Drive?

Don’t Drink and Drive?

Posted on August 2, 2007 by

estonian man

They don’t drink and drive in Estonia, they do something else:


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34 Responses to “Don’t Drink and Drive?”

  1. Gooshin says:


  2. est says:

    That’s just your typical Soviet liberator/culture-bringer. Nothing unusual.

    • brent says:

      Nope, they’re not Estonians but mostly Estonian Russians, just like the junkie in the video. Ha ha ha indeed.

  3. chaosgone says:

    He just can’t get that song out of his head. :)

  4. ABX says:

    Now that’s what I call being high…

  5. Adam from Canada says:

    This guy looks high on crystal meth. Is that a problem in the Baltics? I recall being in Riga Lativija and entered a toilet of a pizza place and it was lit in blue lights to prevent heroin users.

  6. Ummagumma says:

    What’s he on? I don’t think it’s vodka.

  7. molts says:

    He might be high on E, as he’s very prone to rhythm and dancing.. but I don’t think it’s E alone, it’s proly a mix of something.

  8. cloverleaf says:

    I have seen those blue UV light toilets before in a restaurant in Florence. I never realised it was to deter Heroin users shooting up. Thought it was just fashion or whatever. Where they have used blue UV lighting in public toilets has actually caused another problem. It creates mood for random strangers to meet up for sex. I’ve only ever seen that blue lighting in toilets once though. Is it popular? anyone?

    • theautomator says:

      Yeah, in sweden i have seen one or two… i am most intrigued about this. Never thought it was a junkie-deterrent.

  9. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    I wonder where the music’s coming from?

  10. bah says:

    UV light kills bacteria – thus blue (UV) lights in toilets are for disinfecting the place (or lowering bacteria levels, at least). Don’t look into them.

    I don’t know about heroin users however… how would that (the prevention by blue light) work?

  11. vaska says:

    This is common guy from city part called Lasnamäe. Unfortunately this guy is russian speaking junkie and ashame to all hard-working russian speaking estonians.

  12. Alan says:

    UV light stops you seeing your veins properly to shoot up, I believe. They’ve got them in a big shopping chain in the UK, too (in my local one, anyway).

  13. Wackyruss says:

    He keeps slappin’ his butt!

  14. Russian says:

    Just another russian junkie

  15. mrcann says:

    Where are you from? Why do your people usually do those things too?

  16. ä says:

    why is a video about Estonia in this site, as long as I know, the site is about Russia, those two countries have nothing in common besides that Estonia was occupied by Russia, but it was ages ago, get over it!

  17. Dakkus says:

    Finland is near Russia, why not include some videos of Finland, as well? And of course China is a neighbouring country, too. I’d love to see what they’re doing in Beijing. After all, it’s almost a part of Russia. Right?

  18. mac605 says:

    Those ravers with trance music playing inside their hEads ;)

  19. Washington says:

    Long live great sovereign state of estonia! Esonians are indeed incredibly cultured individuals.

  20. Martel says:

    Yes, the car had Estonian licence plate, but the guy spoke Russian. So that videoclip was about Russian cultural contribution to Estonia.

  21. psah says:

    Russians in Estonia show their long culture history

    • Jogobot says:

      Yes this guy is from a part in Tallinn called Lasnamäe. You can also see him on youtube. Just tab in “lasnamäe narkar” and you have him on your screen.

  22. Raivo says:

    My friends friend filmed this video;D
    He says that this guy tooked drugs or something.
    But that ‘s not sobad place as in video, estonia is like in top 5 countries where english travel;)

  23. viva la estland says:

    Some drunk russian.

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