17 Strange Circles on Murmansk Skies

Strange Circles on Murmansk Skies

Posted on August 1, 2007 by

strange sky circles were spotted in Murmansk city 1

These strange sky circles of unknown origin were spotted on 28th of July in Murmansk city. The author of the shots says that they appeared suddenly, without any sound of flying jet and there are even no any air bases in this area.

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And more photos below.

strange sky circles were spotted in Murmansk city 2

strange sky circles were spotted in Murmansk city 3


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17 Responses to “Strange Circles on Murmansk Skies”

  1. Ostundermenschen says:

    Obviously a con trail from high flying aircraft. You can see those all over Afghanistan from circling b-2 bombers.

  2. Adam Stanhope says:

    High-flying aircraft contrail. It is likely high enough that the tiny aircraft responsible is near invisible from the ground and that no noise reached the ground.

  3. gizmo says:

    It’a a aureole. The city has become sacred.

  4. Chingau Wei says:

    It’s a result of the US Navy’s HARP project in Alaska. It can create clouds or punch holes in them.

    /tin foil hat removed

  5. dod says:

    Last time i saw something like that was watching an air combat drill of my country AF over a city.. might be that also

  6. Salocin.TEN says:

    It is a spy plane.

  7. David Webb says:

    That, sir, is cool.

    • gordski says:

      –at about 30,000 ft it is pretty cool up there, yes.

      My guess is A-50 awacs orbit, thouhg as the trail is thick the “bird” has already “flown”.

  8. cybersynaptics says:

    Con trail, created by a con artist. :/

  9. John says:

    Contrail or Chemtrail…?

  10. alex says:

    a chemtrail to poison the air people breathe with nano particles

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