48 Ghost Rider Lada Tuning

Ghost Rider Lada Tuning

Posted on August 1, 2007 by

lada vaz 2105 tuning 1

This is the one of the most widely distributed models of Lada (Vaz-2105), produced in the Soviet Union and during the early years of post-soviet Russia (1980-1992). It still can be found on Russian roads, and some of them are good enough to be tuned.

For example this one, on the pictures below, resembles in some way the vehicle from the “Ghost Rider” movie.

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lada vaz 2105 tuning 2

lada vaz 2105 tuning 3

lada vaz 2105 tuning 4

lada vaz 2105 tuning 5

lada vaz 2105 tuning 6

lada vaz 2105 tuning 7

lada vaz 2105 tuning 8

lada vaz 2105 tuning 9

lada vaz 2105 tuning 10


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48 Responses to “Ghost Rider Lada Tuning”

  1. DELTA says:

    Kinda reminds me of that episode of Top Gear where they had Lotus tune a man’s 10-year-old Lada. It came out of the shop a true beast of a car (they even added little soviet accents to the vehicle). Very cool.

  2. cloverleaf says:

    you mean this DELTA.. enjoy


  3. Wackyruss says:

    If this is Russian car, why is “ON” and “OFF” and “START” written in English?

  4. stalkerb says:

    Nice work, except for the spoiler at the back.
    That really looks cheap…

  5. jokez says:

    ??? It still a Lada. What’s the point in wasting time, money and effort on that. You Russians are getting more like North Americans in embracing the sublime and the rediculous…or maybe you were always that way and we just never knew about it.

    • jf long says:

      My sentiments exactly. You sure it just isn’t a reskinned Porsche? It seems to have Porsche brakes and I’m quite certain Lada’s aren’t available with twin-turbo engines.

      I mean, it’s a good effort and I admire the initiative but for what it probably cost to do all that, the guy could have bought a real sports car.

  6. Adam from Canada says:

    To reply to jokez, I suppose its making the best of what you have and keeping it Russian.

    Except for the spoiler, roll cage and the recaro seats I think its pretty cool twist on a soviet classic

    • jokez says:

      Hey Adam, I from Canada too(Toronto, ONT.) Don’t how old you are but if you’re at 30 then you probably remember seeing Lada’s on Canadian streets when you were a kid. Anyway, I’m not dissing Lada’s ’cause I kinda like them and I remember a teacher from public school who had one. He was always bragging about how the thing would start even in the coldest of winter days and blahblahblah. I just think if the guy restored this car to its original condition and say, put it on Ebay, he would probably make at least 3x the amount he spent on it by selling it to some fanatical car collector. But instead, what we have here is a riced, or should I say, borscht’d up classic automobile. It’s an ugly shame.

  7. daSSad says:

    This is a roket…

  8. reks says:

    i wonder, how fast this thing can go? that would be nice to take it for a spin someday , someplace.

  9. white_wyrm says:

    “Diablo runs LADA”

  10. Karol Krizka says:

    Haha, my family used to own that car while I lived in Slovakia. It was quite good, but I’m still surprised someone managed to turn it into that!

  11. woorz says:

    Is that a Nissan RB26DETT, the one in the Skyline GT-Rs?

    • Andy Twiss says:

      Apparently, it’s an RB25DE (the skyline/300zx non-turbo version – it’s got the N/A inlet manifold) with two turbos strapped to the side – so techinically it’s not the Skyline GTR RB26DETT but you could call it an RB25DETT.

      And I bet it’s a monster in a tinplate-dumpster like that Lada!

  12. 2107 says:

    Very good tuning! Also the model is one of the best

  13. Martin says:

    I wish that the Ladas in the UK looked like this one, I love the use of colours and what this person has done to the car.

    Heck, it may still be a Lada but it looks pretty damn good. I mean, how many souped up Ladas are there? Not many (probably for a good reason)

    At least you can say “I did it just because I could!”

    Excellent effort!

  14. Victor says:

    In Russia we called this type of car as “basin”.
    In Russian it spells like “TAZIK”.
    We have sevem models of that type. From model VAZ-2101 to VAZ-2107. VAZ means – “Volga Cars Factory”.
    It hasn’t produced since 2005, i suppose.

  15. Mongol says:

    Respect for the guy who tunned this car. Looks great and breaks all the stereotypes of the car design, ain’t it. People who don’t appreciate this things, think that the good looking car can be only Porsche and ferrari etc.

  16. Nise car. It’s better than a mustang…

  17. dumitrescu aurel says:

    I’m from Romania, and I have Lada car, it’s 1200 S. Of course I also have a newer car, but LADA, has been the car of my youth. What can I say about it, hard to be broken and easy to repair! Most of the repairs, if is neccesary, I do it myself! If my new car it will be broken, i shall not be able to repair it! The year of production is 1982, and these days I’m some kind of tunning it. Not so much, but new stereo, new carepet, painting, and some new gadget. I really love this car because she never let me down. So I can’t send it to yhe junkyard yet!

  18. dude says:

    Still a LADA

  19. rakeback says:

    Huh. Huge engine…

  20. Schfer says:

    Ich mchte im internet nur suchen. ja interessen russia schne autos verschiedene. okay

  21. aus says:

    The only thing on that car that is LADA is the body shell, the chasis looks like a tube frame and u can see it extend into the struts in the engine bay, the brakes are Porsche and the engine is either an RB25DETT or an RB26DETT. The car would be a rocket with a twin turbo engine and a stiff tube frame chasis it could easily come in under 1100kg. too bad for the aerodynamics though.

  22. Z from Japan says:

    The great thing about Russia is that basically everyone is caucasian, and caucasians ROCK! Everyone else is just a wanna-be caucasian.

    • John says:

      I agree. It might be the last place on earth that has not been “Uglified”. (if you know what I mean.)

  23. Gurtek-singh says:

    Nice work, now that’s what i call real car for guys…….

  24. Karadeniz says:

    I love this car It’s Turkish name is Murat 124 under Fiat licence

  25. roma says:

    In it устоновлен the engine from skyline. It now sell

  26. poker says:

    It’s a great tuned, muscle car :)

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  29. KAveh says:

    Looks like they stuff a Nissan Skyline twin turbo straight six in there. That thing has to be good for at least 600 HP.

  30. Katsu says:

    I heard that some Lada models have the super thick body shell and since I never owned one, I wonder if that is true?

  31. RaulJones says:

    Wow. I bet’cha this thing can go 0-60 in 3.2 (minutes).

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  35. Gumi says:

    What a nice Lada`s :D

  36. ALEX says:


  37. Hannah says:

    Can you PLEASE tell me where do ya got the grille from?

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