strange russian strawberry
35 Strange Russian Strawberry

Strange Russian Strawberry

Such strange strawberries have appeared in Siberia. Biologists can't figure out the
reason for those berries to change their appearance in such manner. via
red flying dots on Moscow skies 1

132 Red Dots on Moscow Skies

Red Dots on Moscow Skies

Those red moving dots were spotted on 29th of June, 2007 in Moscow. Around the midnight many red dots were moving through Moscow skies on the altitude of around 300-400 meters (1200 ft), lower than clouds. They were noticed by many people on the streets, some took
of the cam phones trying to make the photos but it was pretty dark for a quality photos. Still on these photos you can see how they were moving in group, without making any sound, as people report with the speed of 120-140 mph (200 km/h).
LIAZ Russian bus 1

31 What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

This is an example of an old Soviet-Russian bus LIAZ that still can be often meet
in Russian cities on public transportation routes, like on the pic above.
world strongest girl from Russia 1

85 Russia’s and World’s Strongest Girl

Russia’s and World’s Strongest Girl

Meet Varvara Akulova, the world's strongest girl. Now she is 13, but most of the photos featured in this post depict her at the age of six. She already was a champion at the age of four and expressed unbelievable strength. She comes from a very poor family from Ukraine, they were always short on food and basic things - but nevertheless she started doing sports
at the very early age and at the age of four she could lift 220 lbs weights! It was so fantastic that The Discovery channel has made a documentary about her - "The Worlds Strongest Girl". Since then each year her personal weight grew by 2 lbs each year (2 kg a year) but her lifting power increased by 25 lbs (11 kg) each year.

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