24 Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

During the Soviet times Zaporozhets (or ZAZ) was an inexpensive Ukranian automobile for ordinary people. It was famous for petrol heating in salon. Nowadays it has become a real rare car and one of the
symbols of Soviet era. Probably that's why some street racers and professional designers like to take old ZAZ models and convert into new racing cars. Some transformations look really amazing.
Russian Tank Book 1

42 Russian Kids Book: Tank Structure

Russian Kids Book: Tank Structure

Someone has submitted us a scan of one page from Russian book for children about the structure of the tanks. This actual
page shows the tank in "cut", and if to look closer they show the tank driver in cut too for some weird reason...
car transformers on russia streets 1

5 Carmageddon Live

Carmageddon Live

Looking at this photos one can think that scenes from the
"Carmageddon" movie come live to Russian streets...
artificial skiing resort in Moscow 1

89 Artificial Skiing in Moscow

Artificial Skiing in Moscow

No, they don't have enough snow in Russia, they now make an artificial skiing resorts like this one in Moscow. This is gonna be the largest in Europe artificial skiing resort with a dome and artificial ice and snow. The length of the domed route is more than 400 meters (1200 ft) and is 60 m (180 ft) wide. More than 800 people can ski or snowboard at the same time. OK, this
has a sense somewhere in Saudi Arabia, where there is no snow at all and they are dreaming of a bit of freezing wind even at winter and there is a plain desert with no hills, but what the reason for it in Moscow, where there is a snow during 7 month a year, where there is a lot of natural hills around? Who can tell the reason for this?
Russian car exhibition on HDR 1

17 Russian Car Exhibition with HDR

Russian Car Exhibition with HDR

A bunch of over-processed photos
from cars exhibition in Moscow.
car made from VAZ car 1

3 Just Another Strange Car

Just Another Strange Car

It's another something found on Russian streets. What's is of most interest in this "vehicle" is that it seems both
parts of a car and of a bike were used in it. The trunk is from Russian LADA car, but reduced in its width.
longest car procession ever, consisted of ford focuses in Russia 1

29 Longest Wedding Procession of the Same Car Make

Longest Wedding Procession of the Same Car Make

The guys from Moscow Ford Focus club decided to make the longest wedding motorcade of the same car make - of Ford Focus cars - at one of their members wedding. They gathered more than two hundred Ford Focus cars, put wedding balloons and ribbons on each, planned a route and invited road
police to secure the procession. The road police officers also brought police Ford Focus to the head of the procession. They claim it would be the longest procession of the same car make ever, they are already sending the video footage to the Guinness book committee.
crocodile in the fountain in Russia 1
10 Croc in the Fountain

Croc in the Fountain

  Andrei has submitted us the photos of the little crocodile that has been found in one of the fountains of Khabarovsk city in Russia. It's still unclear how it got
in there, but it caused great excitement among the passers by, people wanted to get a shot with an uncommon creature that was found in the uncommon place.
russian car remake 1

8 Another Russian Car for Winter

Another Russian Car for Winter

Russian people from countryside continue to upgrade their cars for more comfortable coping with the winter, bringing to
the world new strange masterpieces like this one, made from the most budget car of Soviet Era "Zaporozhets".
homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 1
40 Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

  This lady from Kiev is probably the only one who cares about the lost dogs on the streets of this city. She has a small flat but doesn't live there because she cannot find there place for all her 70+ dogs she picked up on the streets of Kiev. Instead, she lives in the abandoned house with all her dogs and a few homeless people. There is no electricity or heating system in this house but it's big enough for all the dogs so she decided to live there and
only rare times she visits her flat for some rare shower. Every weekends she visits the Kiev downtown to collect money for the needs of the dogs and some homeless people that live together with her and with her dogs. She dreams that someday she'll find somebody wealthy who would understand her needs and would donate enough for her to get the electricity to the house and to buy enough food. Probably this would never happen.

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