Police on Tractors 1
25 Belarus Police Rides Tractors

Belarus Police Rides Tractors

  Police in Republic Belarus (Belorussia)
rides tractors. Even the road police!
Satka, Russia, near Chelyabinsk 1

14 Steel Playground

Steel Playground

Steel style children playground in small
Satka town near Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Red Mosocw 1
16 Strange Soviet Poster, 1933

Strange Soviet Poster, 1933

During USSR times there were a lot of propagandistic posters. But some of them were quite strange and even mysterious. For example this one is about the
development of Moscow city. It says: "Such appearance doesn't fit for Red (communistic) Moscow!" And Red Moscow should look like this...
Lenin monument 1

24 Pink Lenin

Pink Lenin

Some Russian youngsters decided that old Lenin monuments scattered across the Russian cities look gray and
dull and decided to add some color to them, here is one example of more revived Lenin monument.
Russian architecture in cartoons 1

16 Soviet Architecture in Cartoons

Soviet Architecture in Cartoons

Most of old Russian cartoons back from the Soviet Era are notable for the landscapes of the fantasy Soviet reality. Totally
childish cartoon plots were taking place on magnificent background of "Stalin's" architectural forms. Just take a look.
Photo from the streets of Moscow 1

28 Moscow Streets

Moscow Streets

Just some photos from Moscow streets by
the photographer Rulon Oboev.
9 Yet Another Flood in Russia

Yet Another Flood in Russia

Friday the 13-th was indeed unlucky day for inhabitants of Tver', where strong flood occured. It's
third or fourth flood for this summer for Russia, in the cities previously never flooded at all.
75 Glazastik. The New Internet Hero

Glazastik. The New Internet Hero

Russians like to make internet stars from amusing or extraordinary people seen in mass communication media. For example, for some period of time such a star was Chumazik (Dirty-Faced Fellow), a drunken factory worker. The video with this guy was a true hit in 2005 across Russian part of Internet. That was three years ago. But here is another story, the new one. During the press conference of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, that took place on G8 summit, some young man started to throw out propaganda leaflets. This incident became very popular in the Russian part of the
Internet. The reason of such popularity is neither the actions of the young activist, nor the smart reaction of the Mr. President. The reason was the man sitting in the conference hall (you can see him on the picture above). They called him Glazastik (Big-Eyed Guy). Below you can see the short video of this incident - see the guy with strange eyes behind the guy with leaflets, clear at 00.58 of the video. After the video was spread around Russian Internet many photoshopped versions of him appeared, we also include them here.
4 Disposal of the Underground Passage

Disposal of the Underground Passage

What do they do in Russia when the underground pedestrian passage becomes unusual? They simply close it, putting tons of concrete inside. Hopefully no old lady was left
inside unnoticed in some dark corner before they started this operation. Or nevertheless did one of the workers got rid off his mother-in-law in such a way?

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