29 Noncontact Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

Noncontact Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

This short video was made at Russian Special Forces demonstration for US Marines delegation.
At the end you can see an American being seems to be hit remotely by the Russian guy.
white walls of Moscow 1

7 White Wall of Moscow

White Wall of Moscow

Centuries ago Moscow was white. There were magnificent white walls around the city with white towers in the corners. Nowadays the Moscow Kremlin is Red and the remains of the white city is buried under the ground. Sometimes during the excavations or construction works in Moscow downtown
the remains of these white walls can be found. Like this time, while building a multi-stored underground parking in Moscow downtime they use the old remains of something that could be of great interest for archeology as a good basis for the modern steel structures.
Man with longest hair in Russia 1

14 A Man with Longest Hair in Russia

A Man with Longest Hair in Russia

This is Andrei. He has longest hair amongst Russian man. It's 1 meter 5 cm long (3.5 ft). Not very
remarkable, but if you ever asked "Man, who has the longest hair in Russia" you get the answer.
volcanic dirt resort in Russia 1

13 Dirt Resort

Dirt Resort

Russia is not very reach on warm sea or ocean coasts, there is only warm shores on the Southernmost part of Russia and the good season doesn't last all year round, but there is a
good alternative - the dirt resorts. They have beaches so people can relax and get some sun and when they got enough sun they can go to the dirt for some bathing...
train surfing in Russia
12 Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

The video was submitted by our visitor The Dane via English Russia forum. If you live in Russia you can submit too. The reason why it's interesting is that they stand on the connection are of two train cars, without any walls or other protective measures while train
moves at high speed, and making themselves look like nothing special is happening. Such train surfing is not typical for Moscow metro. At the end of this video you can hear the voice of some aged man: "What are you doing? Should I call the police?"
poles in Russia 1

8 Beware the Falling Poles

Beware the Falling Poles

This pole has fallen down on the street of Karaganda without any visible reason, just in the middle of
the heavy working day at the busy street. So beware on your travel to Russia such things.
15 The Car Fell into the Moscow River

The Car Fell into the Moscow River

In Moscow there are a lot of traffic jams every day. As a result, some drivers often exceed speed limits, trying to get to work or home faster. These speedings cause car accidents and...
more traffic jams. It is something like vicious circle. This Audi A4 for some reason drove through the barrier and fell into the Moscow River. Watch the consequences.
20 Some More Russian Toilets

Some More Russian Toilets

The question of public lavatories is still very relevant in Russia, because there exists a shortage of them, especially in the big cities. Sometimes there is no place to go at all and people even have to use free lavatories in McDonald's. This street construction is supposed to be an effective solution of existing problem, but there are still some
details that should be improved. Men and women should gather in groups and enter it by turn - first men group, next - women. When the gentlemen finish their "business" there comes the turn for the ladies, and it seems that some ladies don't realize that this shelves are not actually shelves for their bags at all...
10 Soviet Public Conveyances

Soviet Public Conveyances

These vehicles were carrying passengers during the Soviet Era. Today most of these models already
lie in scrap-heaps, but some of them are still in use, especially in provincial regions.

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