21 Soviet Cars Abroad

Soviet Cars Abroad

Though USSR collapsed, many automobiles produced in Soviet Era are still safe and sound. What is more, part of them
has spread all over the world, where they still serve to their owners in absolutely different countries.

35 Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Once these vehicles were the part of the iron curtain, and now
they are nothing but rusty remains of the cold war.
paganism vs christianity in Russia 1

86 Christianity vs Paganism in Russian

Christianity vs Paganism in Russian

These days there is kind of raise of old Slavic pagan traditions in Russia. The followers of paganism build copies of old pagan monuments of wood and stone and then gather for some rituals. According to their point of view they try to reconstruct the true religion of Russian people that was destroyed by early Russian Christian church 1000 years ago when it came to Russia and violently
converted local pagan population to Christianity. But it seems there are fundamental Christians even nowadays in Russia who don't like the raise of pagan traditions and try to follow their earlier inquisitor predecessors destroying the pagan places. On these pictures one can see one of such modern Russian ritual place before and after the Christian followers visit.

5 Moscow in the 60-s and 70-s

Moscow in the 60-s and 70-s

More pictures of old Moscow. One can see on some photos the construction of
Ostankino TV-tower which was for some time the tallest structure in the world.

7 Weird Car Incident

Weird Car Incident

Some car incidents, taking place on the Russian roads, are the real puzzles both for traffic police and for drivers as well. For example, this man (in glasses on the first
photo) cannot explain how he managed to turn the car on side on the plain road. He looks puzzled, as the occasional witnesses do. Nobody knows how he could do this.

41 Russian Sceneries

Russian Sceneries

Some photos of Russian sceneries in different seasons by the
photographer Denis Burdin. Part of them is HDR processed.

7 Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was developed in 1959 in Helicopter Design Office of N. I. Kamov. It was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory). Firm skis and powerful aircraft engine AI-14 (260 horse-powers) made possible to move on snow or ice at a speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour. Sever-2 was
able to function at extreme temperatures, about 40-50 degrees centigrade. These snowmobiles delivered passengers and mail through the various areas of the Soviet Union, such as Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan. They also serviced settlements along the rivers Amur, Lena, Ob' and Pechora.
russian bus stop 1

3 Bus Stop

Bus Stop

This bus stop seems to be
popular amongst tired people...
Russian Old Lady
18 Old Lady Rocks

Old Lady Rocks

Sometimes old ladies also visit youth fests,
and sometimes they dance. Like this one.

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