Experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95 landrover 1

18 Volga Landrover

Volga Landrover

In USSR Gaz-24 (Volga) was a dream of every soviet citizen. This luxurious automobile was being produced in Gorkovsky car factory for the middle and upper classes in 70-s and 80-s. Also it was widely used as a taxi cab. But almost nobody knows, that in 1973-74 was developed the experimental modification of Volga -
Gaz-24-95, which had all-wheel drive and other elements, turned it into the real and unique landrover with good cross-country capacity. It is known, that there were produced only 5 copies and one of them was the property of Leonid Illich Brezhnev (old soviet leader). Some photos after the jump.
big blast in st. petersburg 1

30 Explosion in St. Petersburg

Explosion in St. Petersburg

It can be real breaking news - just one hour ago a big explosion happened in St. Petersburg downtown. Many local bloggers started posting photos of 16-stored house high fire. People say that the explosion was
so loud that it was heard at all the parts of the Russia second most populated city. More updates would follow shortly. No comments from authorities were yet made. More photos and videos:
Colossal traffic jam in Vladivostok city 1

34 Traffic Jam In Vladivostok

Traffic Jam In Vladivostok

This is probably the biggest traffic jam of right handed cars going on the right lane. This is Vladivostok, Far-East of Russia, 4000 miles away from Moscow and just a few miles to Japan, so majority of used cars
are the imported Japan cars with right placement of the steering wheel, even authorities and police use these cars, but the roads are like in all rest of Russia are right sided so it's just a mess.
The woman have grown thin from 120 kilos to 60 1

55 Diet in a Russian Way

Diet in a Russian Way

This Russian woman, Ekaterina Mirimanova, decided to grow thin. It took her about one and a half a year, but after all she made that, have dropped
120 pounds 230 lbs kilos down to 110 (120 kg down to 60 kg). One can hardly believe, but now she has an appearance of the model.
More Pictures of Mad Max Truck 1

39 More pictures of Mad Max Truck

More pictures of Mad Max Truck

In our recent publications we told about the strange truck, spotted in Russia. It looks like
just stepped out the Mad Max movie. Now we've got more pictures of this weird vehicle.
 foam revenge 1

8 Foam Revenge Strikes Back

Foam Revenge Strikes Back

Below one can see how a jealous girl revenged her ex-boyfriend, smeared his car with some foam. As a result, now he doesn't have any possibility
to date with his new mistress. It's not the first time Russian girls prefer the foam as a revenge weapon, we had it here once too.
street surfing 1

14 Street Surfing

Street Surfing

So we had some flood posts lately from various Russian cities due to lots of rains during this summer. And now,
finally, somebody has found how to make use of the flooded streets. Meet the Russian street surfers...
Horse Monument 1

16 The Horse Monument in Voronezh

The Horse Monument in Voronezh

In Russian city Voronezh now one can see a strange monument of the horse. It's a 3 ton steel horse with probably offensive for
somebody rear view, though it stands in a very busy place so thousands of people see it daily and this horse eats rails.
baby tornado in st. petersburg 1

15 Baby Tornado

Baby Tornado

A few photos of recent "baby tornado"
in the skies of St. Petersburg.

17 More Russian Roads

More Russian Roads

It may seem strange, but this powerful military prime mover has fallen a victim to Russian roads. The driver tried to turn round his vehicle but, because of large size, it firmly got
stuck in mud near the motorway. The militaries tried too pull it out with another prime mover but unfortunately there was no result. It's destiny is still unknown.

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