27 Monuments of Russian Aviation

Monuments of Russian Aviation

Posted on July 31, 2007 by

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In our recent publications we told about graveyards of abandoned Soviet military aircraft.

But it is necessary to notice, that not all of the old vehicles have shared such fate. Some of them are still used as monuments of Russian aircraft, and one can discover them in different parts of Russia.

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monuments of russian aviation 4

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27 Responses to “Monuments of Russian Aviation”

  1. Russ says:

    If these monuments were in the west they would be destroyed by vandals.

  2. Dhiram says:

    Is the last one the Mi-17 ??

  3. adios says:

    в Смоленске на Багратиона пассажирский самолёт стоит.

  4. humanoid says:

    Weather destroys displayed aircraft before vandals do any serious damage. This is true all over the world. Smashed windows and stolen instruments can be replaced. The damage caused by metal corrosion isn’t so easy to fix.

    Russians are good at many things, but aircraft preservation is not one of them. The Russian aircraft museums I’ve seen are glorified junkyards filled with rusty shells that are coated with many layers of paint.

    Airplanes are very delicate. Letting them rot outside is just as bad as burning them in a fire. It just takes longer.

    • Pacific NW says:

      The aircraft shown in these particular pictures look more well taken care of than the aircraft you find around military base gates and such, in the u.s..

      • humanoid says:

        Yes, they do look good. But painting the outside of an aircraft does very little to preserve the structure or the interior. Just because something looks good from 30 meters away does not mean it is OK inside.

    • lyosha says:

      I think it matters which one. The Mi-4 and a couple others look positively deteriorated, whereas the Mi-2 looks fantastic. Myself i’ve seen both nicely and poorly preserved ones. If you look at old Soviet photos, they all look awesome. Its just by now they are VERY old and the new Nazi Regime of Putin doesn’t take care of them like the Reds used to.

  5. Max says:

    Hey does anyone know exactly where the Il-2 is located?

  6. NoN says:

    Last picture – here?

    Another one, as this

  7. Max says:

    I ment the WWII era plane, its the second to last photo, the one with the propeller

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    It allows the user to search for aviation museums and other sites like planes and helicopters on poles (as with the pictures posted here), and then provides map links so the user can physically find the plane. If anyone can help provide locations for the aircraft in these pictures I would very much appreciate it. I have not had a chance to research aircraft location in Europe, especially Russia. Credit would certainly be provided to the contributors in the credits section.

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  9. jose says:

    pic one, intercom recording

    winchman: your tail is clear, height is good. 20metres, still clear, 15 metres, forward one and left, 10 metres


  10. phil moregraves says:

    gawd, ya’ll build ugly aircraft…

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  12. Usdating says:

    Thanx for the valuable information. This was just the thing I was looking for, I really like how it includes the actual curved shape flight paths. keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

  13. coatings says:

    Is there any way to use teflon coatings in a domestic situation?

  14. lucila says:


    Obrigado pela informação valiosa. Esta foi apenas a coisa que eu estava procurando, eu realmente gosto de como ele inclui rotas de voo a forma real curvas. manter a postagem. Estará visitando novamente em breve.

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  17. Richard says:

    so much sexyness

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