21 Color Post Cards of Russian Empire 100 Years Ago

Color Post Cards of Russian Empire 100 Years Ago

Posted on July 29, 2007 by

Color Post  Cards of Russia 100 Years Ago 1

In our recent publications we told about the amazing Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky (the official photographer of Russian empire) who had a special technology of making three different shots and then combining them into one colour image.

So at that time that was the first coloured photo art about Russia. But not the only one.

At the beginning of the XX century another Russian photographer, Sergey Ivanovich Borisov, during his expedition across mountain areas of Altai (1907-1914) made more than 1000 photos later on used as material for coloured post cards of various European publishing offices.

Here is the part of them.

Color Post  Cards of Russia 100 Years Ago 2

Color Post  Cards of Russia 100 Years Ago 3


21 Responses to “Color Post Cards of Russian Empire 100 Years Ago”

  1. Misha says:

    those are just black and white photos which are colored by hand afterwards

  2. Goofy Goober says:

    That’s a nice satellite dish in picture six.

  3. John from Kansas says:

    Beautiful wild country.

  4. SFK says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I really enjoyed looking through them.

  5. SFK says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I really enjoyed looking through them.

  6. Pacific NW says:

    I’m sure Jesus would agree.

  7. Pacific NW says:

    I think I’ve seen advertisements for horseback tours in this region. Nice photos.

  8. chococat says:

    Wonderfully evocative images of peoples. Thanks for the other links zax.

  9. illlich says:

    Nice yurts.


  10. FelipeM says:

    Nices cards!

    i collect postcard from around the world, if someone are interested in exchange cards, for contact with me, see my email at felipem dot com
    (it’s dont spam from my site, it’s only have my email)

  11. Dygal says:

    These are fantastic!!!

    As someone who helped put both those Wikipedia pages together in the first place and who has lived in the Altai region (and

  12. BORIS says:

    can somebody translate them?

  13. [...] Vintage Stuff, documentary by beardeddave on July 30th, 2007 English Russia posted a number of vintage postcards with photographs taken by Sergey Ivanovich Borisov taken during his expedition across mountain [...]

  14. kat says:

    What beautiful photos of wild country. I don’t think people should argue over who lived there at the time, because nobody really knows. The purpose here is to show the work of a famous artist and the beauty of a region as a region itself. Lets appreciate that.

  15. هنا رابط يتكل عن اقليم التاي من روسيا


  16. longrun says:

    Altay (Altai) where the pictures were taken is situated at the junction of Siberia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, so in theory it could be mongols. But I believe it’s local native population (there are a few non-Caucasian ethnic groups living in that region).
    I’d like to see pictures of Russian peasants or villages. Are there any?

  17. p1k3y says:

    Its Altai region in Siberia. I was born there. And those are native Altai people.

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