45 Car crash between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Car crash between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Posted on July 28, 2007 by

car crash between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Some people think, that the road laws are written by fools and for fools. They think, that the speed limits are only for those, who can not drive perfectly or don’t have an expensive car, and our life is only a “Need for Speed” game. As a result, last years there was a total disrespect of road rules in Russia, especially among the rich people and their childeren.

This car crash had blocked the highway for several hours.

The whole story after the jump.

car crash between Moscow and St. Petersburgcar crash between Moscow and St. Petersburg

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45 Responses to “Car crash between Moscow and St. Petersburg”

  1. Lenin says:

    Crazy russians, all I can say.

  2. Jonny says:

    they are driving german cars or not? :) Bmw 3 and Mercedes 190, can it be?

    The Mercedes is called here “Farmers Car” or in german “Bauernbenz” because mostly very old farmer drive this car in my region, and the people who are dribing this cars here can’t drive, they won their license in the lottery it seems.

  3. Adam from Canada says:

    Wow, how fast was he going? I cant make it out on that video.

    • bullet in your head says:

      the mercedes went 210 km/h IMHO. these old mercedes cars had a top speed on their speedmeter of 220km/h

  4. Marky says:

    A militia friend of mine in the Leningrad Oblast told the me they have an expression in the service, “The bigger the can, the bigger the ***** inside!”. You see them everywhere pushing through crowds on corner crossings, running red lights and speeding everywhere, but in Petersburg where everyone drives like nutters anyway they stand out even despite that.

  5. mrcann says:

    hehe, true but.

  6. Amerikan says:

    Drunk driving and ignoring pedestrians thats not really inability to drive. That’s just the backwards egotistical short sighted fatalistic Russian nature.

    • mrcann says:

      Drunk driving is widespread in other countries, so its universal.

      as for quality of driving schools it depends.

      Basically, if you *want* to get a quality training you study at quality schools, however its comes at a price. Such schools are available and professionals work there, who teach how to drive in bad weather, on ice, what to do if your car had lost control, etc. only percentage of ppl who attend such schools is tiny :)

      Yeah, i also hate chaos on Moscow’s road – everyone drives as they want and police does nothing! Its really fukedup…

    • gully says:

      I think so called russian fatality nature comes as a result of very poor quality of life as appose to be a cause of all unfortunates

  7. Misha's Doll-Boy says:

    This post tickled my brain. I could actually feel
    myself getting smarter!


  8. Darwin says:

    Natural selection at work. The rich unfit drivers kill themselves and do not
    reproduce, opening up resources so that poor people with good driving skills
    can have more children.

    Hey, do you know why Creationism isn’t a science?
    Because it wasn’t tested on monkeys first!

    Ha ha ha, I love that joke!

    • Jr says:

      to Darwin
      Do you know why Creationism isn’t a science?
      Because it is a little more than science and your monkey`s brain just can not contain it.
      PS. Did you know that Darwin deeply regret for what he invented?

      • Mark Twain says:

        Never argue with a pig. You’re wasting your time and annoying the pig.

        It’s not my fault you’re ignorant.

      • Jr says:

        to Pacific NW
        When I was talking about Creationism I didnt say a word about “so called” christianity, I meant creationism! 90% of “so called” cristians are blind brain washed people, I agree with you about that, but there are many christians(unfortunately you never met them as I can see) that are full of love and desire to help other people(you wont find that in muslims!) and Gods miracles follow those people. I`ve seen a lot of those miracles with my own eyes and you cant explain them and and you cant argue against them, they are simply God`s miracles!!!

        • No.6 says:

          Funny thing, Jr., is that I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. For the love of… everything, please tell me you are. You sound like some sort of Ann Coulter-Mother Teresa spawn. “you won’t find that in muslims?” What the Hell?! You’re the BMW driver here, buddy.

          • Jr says:

            I was in BMW before I met Jesus, now my friend I`m flying above!!!
            PS. There are good muslims but according to Koran they must kill all unbelievers(which are all nonmuslims)

    • mrcann says:

      unfortunately they also kill other drivers who happen to be in their way. definitely not the best way to naturally select.

  9. adios says:

    people saing they died

  10. mac605 says:

    Interesting… Both drivers of Mercedes and BMW does not use air conditioning… just the windows wide open…

  11. Brent says:

    Amerikan, you just made these up these absurd statistics. Simply because a xenophobic bigot says something is so doesn’t make it so.

    Check this page, please.

    • Amerikan says:

      And where is RUSSIA in that list? It’s not.

      Think about this for yourself. Russia and USA have about same motor vehicle fatality rates, that is 40,000 per year.

      Russia has more than 2 times less people than US. US has 2 times more passenger cars than there are PEOPLE in Russia, and Americans drive daily, everywhere.

      If you compare mile for mile driven you’ll see Russians are 60 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident.

      • gully says:

        Regardles of what you think about his personality, you haven’t told anything about the subject matter which makes you just big a bad mouth. besides Amerikan is right about the numbers. so how about your numbers?

      • foo says:

        I haven’t seen the numbers, but I would be amazed if he was not correct. What he says about introduction of performance cars to high percentages of Russia is true and it would be amazing if there were not huge numbers of fatalities.

        Also, drinking is said to be a cultural problem there (by the Kremlin).

        I say this will all due respect to the brothers in Russia. Drive conservatively, the life you save could be some little girl’s.

  12. Borya says:

    I feel like there’s some bitterness in this comment, why all the hate. Did we do something to personally offend you? People died in those cars, perhaps a different attitude is more proper.

  13. Ummagumma says:

    Russian drivers do not stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. I know because I have seen it in Moscow and Cheboksary. In Canada it is a serious offense not to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. There should be stiff penalties for stunting and reckless driving in Russia. May I suggest concentration camps in Siberia? LOL.

  14. Texas1 says:

    Must be smoking some whacky tobaccy

  15. Chipo says:

    Except for the poor driving course, it sounds so much like the Netherlands traffic.
    And we got rid of the pedestrians crossings, which is a better way to deal with them, now they know they ha\zard their lives if they want to cross.

  16. Sarah Asimov says:

    They crashed becuase Boris and I were makeing love in the back seat. Too much distraction, should have kept their eyes on thr road.

  17. Akk says:

    I don’t get it, the guy who was shooting all that, their car crushed into that white car who just passed them or the truck bumped into the white car?

  18. Jet says:

    BMW crashed into the fuel truck. You can see it burning. Truck driver survived. Guys from BMW are all dead. Guys from Mercedes simply stopped and nothing happened to them.

  19. cheers says:

    Pizdets kotjonku, bolshe sratj nebudet.

  20. Chipo says:

    And ofcourse his passengers as well?
    I find some of the comments here about this accident really pathetic. What are you trying to prove?

  21. mrcann says:

    you need to change *people* first, then introduce new driving course…

    no chance of either :)

  22. California Hippie says:

    He needs to align his steering wheel

  23. Vitaliy says:

    This is actually a BMW E30 touring that was racing with a 190E Mercedes it seems, swerved while passing on the right, cutting off a truck, colliding with a Oil Tanker in the opposite lane.

    Here is the video


  24. asdf! says:

    but its not working, so thank you

  25. Amerikan says:

    Hey, I got a news flash for you. This site is not a subsidiary of RTTV.

  26. Mante says:

    I watch the TV shows showing american cop chases and bad american driving. This is true across the whole world, US included. Don’t generalise about Russia, I suspect if their roads were better they may have less deaths per mile than in the states where taking cars is rife.

  27. Русский медведь says:

    слышь пидоры харе уже
    уебки английские

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  29. I’m really into speed games

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