24 Russian Financial News Program

Russian Financial News Program

Posted on July 26, 2007 by

Russian Stock News

A short video from Russian financial news program. It was aired live, look at behind the speaking guy…


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24 Responses to “Russian Financial News Program”

  1. mac605 says:

    Nice prank… :>

  2. tony says:

    In America, the guy behind him would’ve been fired, no doubt.

  3. Rob says:

    and all the cheesesteaks you can eat

  4. Robert says:

    What exact topic was the guy talking about? As that could change our views on pig-man a fair bit.

    If it’s that thing they show at the end of the newscast, something rather low on how serious it is, then all’s fine really.

    Anyway, he was just having a bit of fun. People take being ‘professional’ too far.

  5. badbrownie says:

    haha i have to agree in america that man would have deffinately been fired. But that was a harmless prank.

  6. x57 says:

    Almost as funny as Yakov

  7. Gully says:

    I don’t believe that anyone but people here really pay attention on those “financial news”. the whole thing with running headlines and interviews with “sr market specialists” is exaggerated in russia. their market is so small that all these fin news ain’t really needed.

  8. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre says:

    In America, the pranker would be elected president!


  9. CypT says:

    No, i think he won’t be fired, because he don’t works in TV, It is an interview with people working in bank, so the man behind him also works in bank and don’t have responsibilites from TV;

  10. longrun says:

    I like that the operator and the reporter himself are laughing. Nice to see people still have a sense of humor.

  11. Jonnie says:

    Boris – you have a russian name but do you know Russian? It was about nickel pricing!

  12. Adam Stanhope says:


  13. ion says:

    i love russia!!!

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