14 Street Surfing

Street Surfing

Posted on July 25, 2007 by

street surfing 1

So we had some flood posts lately from various Russian cities due to lots of rains during this summer. And now, finally, somebody has found how to make use of the flooded streets. Meet the Russian street surfers…

street surfing 2

street surfing 3

street surfing 4

street surfing 5

street surfing 6

photos by Ildar Gumerov, submitted by Tehnik

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14 Responses to “Street Surfing”

  1. Baba Nanao says:


    I like your site, EnglishRussia has lots of photos and stories, that tell me about Russian life. It is very interesting for me, cause I am Japanese and don’t know russian life.

    Anyway this “Street Surfing” must be fun. I hope that it would become a sport of Olympic, somday.


  2. Pavel says:

    Ohh thats a nice truck! Did not know they had those over in europe!

  3. Bishop Brennan says:

    It’s a Dodge Ram, probably imported from America.

  4. gorby says:

    that isn’t any kind of surfing. It is wakeboarding, and generally you do that behind a boat.

  5. Nikolay says:

    What city is it?

  6. greg says:

    Very Cool! Well, as long as when they fall some one does not run them over…

  7. Surfing is one of my favorite sports eventhough i got a bad accident last year because of very high surfs.-“-

  8. Sara Foster says:

    Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.’.”

  9. i broke my arm on a freak surfing accident but hey, surfing is a nice sport,*,

  10. oh i would love to surf everyday out in the open sun’`-

  11. i am an adrenalin junkie so i love to surf on very high waves.,*

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