55 Diet in a Russian Way

Diet in a Russian Way

Posted on July 25, 2007 by

The woman have grown thin from 120 kilos to 60 1

This Russian woman, Ekaterina Mirimanova, decided to grow thin. It took her about one and a half a year, but after all she made that, have dropped 120 pounds 230 lbs kilos down to 110 (120 kg down to 60 kg). One can hardly believe, but now she has an appearance of the model.

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The woman have grown thin from 120 kilos to 60 2

The woman have grown thin from 120 kilos to 60 3

Those were shots before. And now:


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55 Responses to “Diet in a Russian Way”

  1. A.W. says:

    Dang, that’s some hot stuff… I mean the last 2 pictures of course.

    One small thought I need to clarify here: when a person loses a lot of weight, some parts of the body will show stretchmarks on them, and there might appear some superfluous skin which will simply sag down. This especially happens in the abdominal area and on the arms and legs.

    That’s why I wonder how this lady looks without clothes on… There’s a big chance you will see some less prettier picture then.

  2. A.W. says:

    In the meantime, I have seen bikini pictures of this lady. The back end of her legs are not shown, so any scars from corrective surgery may be effectively hidden.

    Still, I wonder how this lady has done this. Who knows…?

    • Maria says:

      Haha, I could tell you how she did it… she ate less and exercised. That’s the only way to do it. Now you know :D

  3. Sarah Asimov says:

    I’d pay to have hot lesbian sex with you.

  4. zenmetsu says:

    incorrect. i dropped from 360lbs in march 2003 to 155lbs in sept of 2004. all it took was riding bike 10miles to and from work each day (100mile/wk) and cutting back on food a little bit.

    not all americans are so weak of willpower >.>

    • squidwurd says:

      I tried so many diet medications but none of them seemed to be right for me. That’s why I switched to Anorexia. Ask your doctor today

  5. Sacha says:

    haha, a Russian calling American food unhealthy?! Hilarious, coming from the region where salo(unrendered pig fat) is enjoyed. As well as starchy potatoes at every meal. That must also explain why you people have such a low life expectancy and higher incidence of heart disease.

    • Washington says:

      I think you should look at some facts about obesity in our country. Plus, majority of our girls are absolutely hideously fat and damn right ugly compared to any eastern european chicks. Frankly I would rather compromise my patriotism, then merry a fat american pig from Texas..

    • mrcann says:

      I also agree that russians eat food that lowers their life expectancy. its very severe in Siberia, where i am from.

      They use animal fat to cook food on, then melt the remaining fat and re-use it again. However, it could be due to the historical reasons of cold climate and remoteness of the region. In winter you eat “salo” (salted pig’s fat) in order to get energy.

    • mrcann says:

      totally agree.

  6. Pete says:

    that is freaken incredible!

  7. Washington says:

    Comon people, don’t be so naive. That got to be a different person..

    • Maria says:

      Click on the link in the second comment, look at the pics. They’re not fake. Is it that far fetched that someone could decide they are at an unhealthy weight and that they want to lose it? No.

  8. Washington says:

    Sarah, where is boris these days?

  9. PAS says:

    I’ll take the Russian diet over American any day. Russians don’t have 24hr fast food like we do. American women should take advice from women overseas. PERIOD

    • maxD says:

      I would suggest you first try the russian food. In the US you have a choice at least, in russia you don’t most of the time. Almost everything has to be imported, so it’s expensive, too expensive for the average russian.

      Try to find broccoli in Russia. Or Pak Soy. Carrots, cabbage, potatoes, kolbasa [sausage] and salads that are 50% greasy mayonaise. That’s the average russian food. And the bread is disgusting – greyish wartime bread or white bread that will only fill you up and make you flatulent. Nutritional value is poor.

      • mrcann says:

        not really, there are still some sorts of bread that are good for you and taste good, that can be bought cheaply.

        not everything is imported either – lots of stuff is grown locally. And potatoes are rarity ? Common!

    • Half-Breed says:

      it seems u all have been staying in a small village??? theres more mcdonalds in spb than in most cities, and me and my friends eat pretty much whatever from restraunts with good or bad food to at home with fast blini or healthy food and good brown bread

  10. Doug says:

    I look forward to a future follow up story on this website in one or two years showing how she kept it off, just like Oprah Winfrey does.

  11. Tom Paul says:

    She is a beautiful lady and has my congratulations. Both for the weight loss and the great little son. May she lead a long and happy life

  12. Artiom says:

    Go girl. You look hot in the last two pictures. I would date you!

  13. Ekaterina Mirimanova says:

    Hi there! I’m that Russian woman, who is published on the photoes. I’m in process of making my page in English, but have just started, and will finish it in couple of weeks. I’ll make links on how i did it in English, and believe it or not – i never did any plastic surgery or took any pills. http://minus60.narod.ru/englishmain.html – this will be the main page of English version. In couple of weeks i’ll place here all the necessary information about my system. Good luck in losing weight for those who needs it!

  14. mad1982 says:

    OMG -what this big change
    But i see many wives be like that
    Love fat sexy eheheheh

  15. draugadrotin says:

    thats easy….she spent those one and a half years in a siberian gulag…..lots of work and little food….she was last one alive in that gulag

  16. stephanie says:

    Hey u r cool cheese burgers rock on yours sinscerly Stephanie

  17. Shep says:

    Well, I’m gonna post a NICE comment! (rare on here, I know)
    She looks amazin’!
    I love Russian women, because they know the difference between slim and skinny. I like a woman to have a womans body, not a pubescent boys’ like most western women seem to be obsessed with!!! :-)

  18. Half-Breed says:

    flabby puss

  19. Mixas says:

    Come on! They have drive-throughs at Mcdonalds. And you need to only drive a block to get to one!!! Who needs vegetables? Americans enjoy bacon and artificial fat on their food as much as Russian enjoy salo. How much cooking you do in a week? People here are to busy to cook. They don’t put a fastfood place on every corner for no reason – demand is the reason.

  20. Jubei says:

    Damn !!! She looks so hot now that she is thin! Great ambition! Congrats!

  21. G says:

    Amadeus, I’m with you on that.
    Thankfully I have a small figure :D

  22. Candi says:

    Why is no one mentioning disturbingly fat and hideous American men as compared to overseas men?

    Or do I have to be “that girl” and be the first???

  23. Cigarettes says:

    OMG it is incredible that is the same woman.

  24. Murly45 says:

    Well, I am American, but from what I saw when I dated a Romanian and his cousins and sisters were thin. And I learned to cook russian and romanian foods. plenty of soups no doubt. Then we broke up, I went back to my habits (Mexican food, Chinese takeout) Now I am married to an Arab, and when I lived in Scotland…wow we American women are fat cows indeed! We want to get fat when we get pregnant cause we are eating for two?? Who are we kidding! I drove near a school zone and when the crossing guard stopped me I was observing all the big (and I mean) BIG mamas strutting around to pick up thier kids. OMG. And not only women are big the kids are ginormous! When I was in 7th grade I thought I was fat wieghing 85lbs. Now these kids look like middle-age women, 200 pounders. And then those men that have stomachs like the octomom! Wow!! I have lost 10 lbs in one month just eating healthy, doing yardwork, and get this ladies, CLEANING THE HOUSE! I work also and have always kept a tidy home but I try not to sit in front of a TV or computer too much. Heck, I admit when I lived in Scotland I walked 2 miles to get to a KFC..Hehehehe…then I would walk back. No sodas, no ice water! Now I drink tea and eat a lot of salads and no pork. Eat Less, Move More!

  25. Ken says:

    I’m more surprised at people who CAN’T lose weight for some reason …

  26. Stratholm says:

    There are other cultural factors too here in America. The main thing that I find is the attitude. Most of the people that are overweight do this following thing… They eat when they aren’t hungry. If American heifers would just eat only when they are hungry then there would be less of them but less of them. Although I’m not sure how many of you are in America because there are no shortage of thin people and I would say that overseas there are news media outlets that show us Americans only that way and I for one don’t see it like that and I live here. That’s the corrupt mass media party here in the states.

  27. stakemaster says:

    My father in-law made a joke that the baby better be a boy or not to bother telling him. I was so hurt! How do you even respond to comments like this?

  28. Yan says:

    Excuse me “dude” I do not wish you to upset but here it your real America —>>> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#

  29. foma says:

    who said that ur looking at the pixs from bottom to top?

  30. Francis says:

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  32. trimday says:

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  35. Augur says:

    I’ll admit i skipped over a lot of the posts here, but one of them stuck out at me and i am rather offended by it. it was stated “But you must consider the very strong role of vodka and drinking in Russia. I don’t think you can find a culture with a bigger problem of alcoholism anywhere.” by Sacha. Now I’m Australian, and i find that offensive. We drink just as much, and dont appreciate being ignored like that. we’re also generally overweight, lazy, and eat more fat than a fire can. i mean really, so inconsiderate of other nations…

  36. high eq says:

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