15 Baby Tornado

Baby Tornado

Posted on July 24, 2007 by

baby tornado in st. petersburg 1

A few photos of recent “baby tornado” in the skies of St. Petersburg.

baby tornado in st. petersburg 2

baby tornado in st. petersburg 3

baby tornado in st. petersburg 4

baby tornado in st. petersburg 5

baby tornado in st. petersburg 6

baby tornado in st. petersburg 7

baby tornado in st. petersburg 8

baby tornado in st. petersburg 9

via Running Night

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15 responses to “Baby Tornado”

  1. Delicious says:

    I would call this a “funnel cloud”. A funnel cloud is a tornado if it is violent.

  2. reg dunlap says:

    it’s a funnel cloud. a funnel cloud doesn’t become a tornado until it touches the ground

  3. manta says:

    in soviet russia funnel pranks you.

  4. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre says:

    Over every city there is thermal/updraft because city is heat island. This baby tornado
    can be made by updraft/thermal over city.

    And baby tornado looks like BOOOBIES!


  5. Karjala says:

    Out of curiosity, the blueish-green building in the first picture. Where is that? Fontanka?

  6. Ummagumma says:

    That is nothing unusual.Just last week a tornado touched down not far from my town. Not to mention the hail damage I received on my car.

  7. gorby says:

    wow. Lucky it didnt touch down in the city.

  8. Washington says:

    I can make a bigger tornado smoking my pipe! – They certainly haven’t lived in the US.

  9. FunnyBob says:

    it is astonishing!

  10. Denttech says:

    Hi Gents,

    can anybody tell me about posibilites of getting your hail damaged cars fixed without
    respraying in Russia? Is Paintless dent removal business developed there?


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