35 Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Posted on July 24, 2007 by

Once these vehicles were the part of the iron curtain, and now they are nothing but rusty remains of the cold war.

photos by Dmitry Agutin


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35 Responses to “Another Abandoned Military Aircraft”

  1. gorby says:

    great post.

  2. Feelov says:

    These item can fly!

  3. illlich says:

    photos near the end, the MiG-25, was USSR’s top fighter when I was a boy, now it’s junk.

    If only all weapons were rusting away somewhere, forgotten and not needed. Foolish humans.

    • kamisama says:

      Same here, was just a little kid when you sometimes saw them on the news wherever they were active at the time.

      While those particular ones are junk now (sad thing really), a MIG-25, foxbat iirc, even today is still a very capable bird. Ok it’s dated by today’s standards, but you could do a hell of a lot worse.

  4. L says:

    What??? No one afraid of russians! They destroy themselves, no reason to be afraid of them!

  5. L says:

    What??? No one afraid of russians! They destroy themselves. No reason to be afraid of them!

  6. L says:

    What? No one afraid of russians! They destroy themselves. No reason to be afraid of them.

  7. tromesz says:

    hey thats pretty cool.u could hold a party in one of the larger cargo planes wherever they’re..if u had the money.

  8. Arcan3 says:

    Anyone care to ship some turbines my way =D

  9. Chuwakk says:


  10. mrcann says:

    may be not “Russia” but the “USSR”?

  11. jno says:

    It’s Monino RuAF Museum.
    Mi-6, L-39, Su-17M3, cruise missles, etc.
    They are not so ruined as one may think using these photos ;-)

  12. Eh says:

    Dude, wait a few years and Canada will probably purchase these. They’ll make excellent replacements for the [C]F-18s :)

  13. awesome says:

    They still dont beat the good old Ak-47.

  14. Peace on Earth! says:

    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14)

    • random says:

      Prove it!..that God is not real

      • blingo says:

        Prove that… the gods were not real? Your god is number 888 on my list – right inbetween elves and fauns, the easterbunny, immaculatas and trolls, ghosts and holy spirits, fairies, dragons and Wolpertingern,…

  15. Smoka says:

    indeed ma nigga. I can still feel the smell from Bush’s panties after than colonoscopy…

  16. UT3Dagger says:

    I grew up at the end of the cold war and pride myself with knowing all of the NATO(US,UK etc..)and the Warsaw PACT. I’m sad to see them rusting away when they should be in an Air Museum. I’m glad they were never used for WW III. I want just 1 ejection seat to set up as my gaming chair, now that would be cool.

  17. Events says:

    These are very great photos of machines that are both deadly in their intent and beautiful in their design.

  18. Johnny Walker says:

    Аккордеон :)

  19. ron says:

    aircraft have a definite service life, alloys get weak after hard usage,and military aircraft get flown often and at their limits,so at one point theyre better off as museum pieces.also,id say the soviet paranoia has ended,so theyre truly not needed.

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  22. chris says:

    Hi out there.I live in south africa and would like to purchase any old wings and tail wings from old junkyard planes.Can any body please help me
    Thanks, Chris

  23. jose says:

    another example of your capatilist pig-dog democracy

  24. Would you like to play a game? How about Global Thermonuclear War?

  25. Queenie Ross says:

    I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post.

  26. william warren says:

    Here is the list of old planes I have. I would like to find someone with deep pockets and who loves old planes who will help fund both the recoveries and restoration. Please spread the word.

    1. 2 WW2 Corsairs off San Diego in the ocean. Shallow
    2. Brewster Buffalo in a certain lake in USA
    3. Amphibious British WW2 plane in a certain English lake. A Sunderland. Kermit Weeks has one at his air museum in Fl.
    4. PBY in Lake Mead
    5. P-38 off San Diego in 130 ft. of water
    6. 5 SBD’s in South Pacific in brachish water. Eye witness told me about them going down.
    7. Jap Zero in Solomons on land and in Indonesia in jungle
    8. 2 P-38’s in indonesia near shore and can be seen from air.
    9. P-66 in San Francisco Bay
    10. F5 in a Montana lake
    11. F5 on my island of Navassa west indies.
    12. A Beaver in a certain British Colombia, Canada lake
    13. Possible Brewster Buffalo in a California lake
    14. B-29 bomber in Lake Mead I found years ago with side scan sonar. (problems with Nat. Park Svc)
    15. “Black Sheep Squadron” pilot from WW2 recently gave me locations of SBD’s, Corsairs and Zeros.
    16. WW1 British Sopwith Struders in a river in Scotland sitting on the worlds first aircraft carrier which launched planes at sea.
    17. B17 in the fresh water Canadian lake I am aware of. Remote and on the bottom of the lake near the plane, which is sitting on its landing gear, are 4 WW2 military Jeeps chained together. The lake froze at the end of the war and goodies dropped to the bottom in 40 ft. of water.
    18. Amphibious Lake aircraft in a Texas lake.

    I am told that the SD aero space museum bought a P-39 or 40 from a fisherman out of san diego. It was in 1000 ft. of water. Now, it is totally restored. I write books about this kind of stuff but I have never recovered an airplane. It has always been ancient shipwrecks and their possible treasures.

    I am wondering how the SD aero space museum was able to totally renovate the WW2 plane from the Pacific Ocean some years back. One of the curators there told me the deeper water preserved the plane. If we recover from fresh water, then of course, it is not such a problem. To float up a salt water Corsair near me would be around $20,000. Same cost for the Texas lake project. B17 in the fresh water Canadian lake I am aware of. Remote and on the bottom of the lake near the plane, which is sitting on its landing gear, are 4 WW2 military Jeeps chained together. The lake froze at the end of the war and goodies dropped to the bottom in 40 ft. of water.

    I have been negotiating for years with the US Navy via Capt. Bob Rasmussen at the Navys Air museum in Pensacola about the Navy planes in question. They seem favorable as long as the recoveries are done using their strict guidelines. My connection and ‘in’ with Rasmussen is the fact that he was commander of an aircraft carrier under my late good friend Capt. John Irrabino of San Diego.

    I have also found America’s first propeller-driven war ship, the ‘San Jacinto’, off a small island in the Great Abaco Chain, Bahamas.

    I am negotiating with several TV production companies who produce for The History Channel and Discovery
    Channel networks about creating a series about me and my team searching for and recovering old aircraft. I will host the show. Here are my two web sites:



    My phone is 760 468 1240

    Bill Warren
    San Diego, California USA

  27. Regan Mank says:

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