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14 Responses to “Next Submitted Photos”

  1. Washington says:

    Where can i get that hummer?

  2. Washington says:

    Where can i get that Hummer? I wanna go to war with Texas1!

  3. One says:

    8 – not russia
    12 – bulgarian

  4. dupadupa says:

    #8 – the text on products shown is actually polish.

  5. Geore says:

    “When there is no hot water.” — simply genius!

  6. Feelov says:

    I don’t have hot water too. :(

  7. Szymon says:

    I confirm – on #8 (no hot water) all the products are Polish.

  8. bolborbom says:

    It really doesn’t seem to matter if it’s russian or not. The submitter probably is, so that’s why it’s up. Plus, it’s still neat.

  9. denkisa says:

    #12 – this is Bulgarian

  10. Technik says:

    #11 Its not a communication line, its waste line (canalizaciya) :)

  11. Mike says:

    #4 “Smell my finger”

  12. flywithme says:

    the 8 picture was taken in poland.

  13. Alogobotur says:

    Yep. Number twelve is in Bulgaria, and the Ministry is Ministry of Interior. What construction, then?

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