29 Noncontact Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

Noncontact Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

Posted on July 20, 2007 by

This short video was made at Russian Special Forces demonstration for US Marines delegation. At the end you can see an American being seems to be hit remotely by the Russian guy.

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29 Responses to “Noncontact Martial Art of Russian Special Forces”

  1. lithuanian says:

    All I have to say about this BS:


  2. Feelov says:

    Интересно, а американские спецназовцы тоже кирпичи умеют ломать, или это только наши так монстрячат? ;)

    • Troll-Control says:

      It’s considered impolite in civilized countries to speak in a foreign language when people around you might not understand it. Please consider it the next time you post.

      • John from Kansas says:

        Study the Russian language and you will gain an understanding of many things.

        • zenmetsu says:

          russian language is beautiful. studying at home on my own since last september. i understood every word of what he said except монстрячат… :(

          and i am unsure if “ours” (наши) refers to spetsnaz or the bricks LOL ._.)a

          but honestly, russian is incredibly simple compared to the english language… if people are on this forum, one would think that they had an interest in russia, and it would do everyone some good to at least study the language a little bit. ^ ^

          learning vocab from sites like this is really helpful… as is speaking to russian people over icq. too bad i only know 2 people to chat with at the moment :(

          • Peterm says:

            Russian simple? Oh yeah, verbal aspects, declension of words, verbs of movement, and so on.

            I’m spanish, and for me English is the easiest language I’ve ever studied. For me russian is very complicated, and I’ve been studying for 3 years now.

            • zenmetsu says:

              i took 5 years of spanish in school. spanish also has declension and such… but i also love spanish because it IS so simple. there are less irregularities. pronounciation is not a mystery as it is in english…

              english is a mess, there is almost no pattern to most of the verb conjugations, like past tenses… (sit > sat vs. hit > hit… ring > rang vs. fling > flung )

              even english has verb aspect irregularities.. past tense of sing is sang… but you do not say “this song was sang”.. it becomes sung…

              so what if russian still has cases for nouns,adjectives and adverbs, etc. english still has them for personal pronouns.

              in the end, the language is simpler, but compared to latin languages and english/german… it is just completely different. different does not necessarily mean harder.

        • Wooshkaboom says:

          On typerää ja epäralistista olettaa että jokin inhimillinen kulttuuri sisältäisi jotain niin yksilöllisiä ja ainutlaatuisia käsitteitä ettei niitä voisi ilmaista myös toisella kielellä – ja siten on myöskin typerää ja epärealistista olettaa että joku voisi saavuttaa jotain tavanomaista syvällisempää ymmärrystä PELKÄSTÄÄN opettelemalla jonkin vieraan kielen.

          • Homma says:

            (Please excuse my Finnish!)

            Ei kai hän sellaista väittänytkään. Myöntänet silti, että monia asioita ei voi ilmaista toisella kielellä menettämättä kulttuurisia vivahteita tai vähintään sanomisen helppoutta. Venäjän tapauksessa tämä korostuu, sillä kyseessä on melko yhtenäinen, erilainen ja elinvoimainen kieli- ja kulttuurialue.

            Monet asiat avautuvat siis paremmin, kun osaa kieltä. Kuten avautuisi suomea osaavalle lukijalle viehättävän suomalainen “Luuletteko olevanne jotain” -asenteesi.

            Miten muuten kääntäisit sanan POSHLOST? Tuli vain tuosta argumentistasi mieleen…

  3. Manka says:

    Why is that guy using his assault rifle as a club to hit the other dude? I thought that if you have a rifle you are suposed to shoot it?

  4. Ab says:

    Actually, I do this martial art; It’s called Systema. Taken out of context, that particular strike seems pretty absurd. In fact, Spetsnaz troops were rumored to be psychic. This is the source of much ridicule for Systema.

    My instructor explained to me the other day that the our word, “psychic” was a poor translation of a word that really means “psychological”. Try stamping your foot at someone walking towards you when they get close enough, they’ll stumble. Divorced from context, it would appear that your stomp affected a shock wave to make them stumble. This strike is likely an extension of that, perhaps one that extends a muscle in the Marine’s neck that was unknowingly contracted (effectively pulling the muscle). There’s a lot of ways to hurt or disable someone without touching them. This is just another one of those ways.

    As for MMA, remember the following: In the ring, we brawl like gentlemen. The UFC is not the ultimate test of combat worthiness; far from it. Experience Systema and know what I mean.

    • I am says:

      System of Kadochnikov only for army

    • Ab says:

      The idea that UFC is the be-all, end-all test of a combat style’s effectiveness is absurd. First off, there aren’t too many Systema guys and gals out there, and most of us aren’t terribly competitive. That said, to say that “If it was good, it’d be on UFC” is short-sighted. UFC has rules. Systema doesn’t. In UFC, you don’t hit your opponent in the throat or nuts, because in polite society (as previously mentioned), we brawl like gentlemen.

      As for the “snake oil” comment, I can assure you that my training is more affordable than any MMA training.

    • tromesz says:

      Where did u hear Fedor fights with systema? As far as i know he does a lot of grappling and boxing in his fights.And yeah he beats guys who look bigger and more muscular than him,but non of his winning techniques i have seen involved any of thease,like making the guy collapse by his own charge,etc.Most of them were by pure strength and judo/sambo/boxing techniques.

  5. maxD says:

    Some nice tricks. Most seem to be derived from Japanese martial art Aikido. Very impressive when demonstrated.

    Problem is that in real battle things are always slightly different. First of all, the stress which comes with combat will block / hinder many of these subtle ‘tricks’. You should be in control of your own mind/body before you can control someone else effectively. Another thing, to be truly effective you should train all this moves so often and for so long that you will have little time left for other things. Military training is a big program, of which this is but a very small part.
    To be truly effective, you should be able to react without thinking, from a reflex, like closing your eye just in time when a bug is flying into it. Most self defense courses leave out this simple basic – you need to train for years and years, repeating the same movements over and over again in order to make them part of your ‘system’. There are no shortcuts.
    And indeed, in general when holding a gun you use the gun to shoot, not to wrestle with like in the beginning of the clip.

  6. Rolf says:

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  7. Sergei says:

    I take SAS and Seals over spetsnaz any day.

  8. Sergei lol says:

    Ill take SAS and Seals over that russian clows everyday.

  9. Geore says:

    Wow! Very creative video editing!

  10. Noreen Hager says:

    unfortunately with the dead lift form suffers above the 8-10 rep mark so it’s not really a wise choice for high rep work.

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