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8 Responses to “New Submitted Photos”

  1. ­FlyingNationalist says:

    oh man, those are great
    sieg heil

  2. wackyruss says:

    Russians do stare…

    I remember wherever we went in Russia, the stared at us quite a bit.

    I guess it didn’t help that we were driving around Moscow in a huge bright red 1996 Ford Bronco…

    My sister drove too. I think that freaked them out because she was a girl driving such a monstrous preSUV.

  3. x57 says:

    Darth Gayder

  4. Rico says:

    Interesting pics as always.

  5. Random7398 says:

    Isnt there some sort of law that affects loads in trucks and cars,thats crazy lol

  6. Starshii says:

    I bet half of “chickens” in the 4th pic are actually pigeons… ;)

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