12 Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

Posted on July 19, 2007 by

train surfing in Russia

The video was submitted by our visitor The Dane via English Russia forum. If you live in Russia you can submit too.

The reason why it’s interesting is that they stand on the connection are of two train cars, without any walls or other protective measures while train moves at high speed, and making themselves look like nothing special is happening. Such train surfing is not typical for Moscow metro. At the end of this video you can hear the voice of some aged man: “What are you doing? Should I call the police?”

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12 Responses to “Train Surfing in Moscow Metro”

  1. redwhite&blue says:

    psssh… i thought russians were hardcore. what a lame post. in new york, we surf on top of the trains.

  2. Shizo says:

    The camera man says “I don’t know.”

  3. John K. says:

    I want to see him pee on the third rail.

  4. madineg says:

    text and video don’t correspond……it is rather lame than dangerous…the only danger is to fall asleep…..

  5. di says:

    this could never happen in china

  6. John from Kansas says:

    At least he is not assaulting his teacher.

  7. Wisconisn1 says:

    That was beyond lame. I wish I could get the last 5 minutes of my life back.

  8. Komsomolskaya says:

    This is NOT train surfing.
    And why is the cameraman speaking English?
    Is Russia’s established language English now?

  9. Much appreciate for this post. I am going to get my brother the Nixon Rubber Player! I hope he loves it.

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