15 The Car Fell into the Moscow River

The Car Fell into the Moscow River

Posted on July 18, 2007 by

In Moscow there are a lot of traffic jams every day. As a result, some drivers often exceed speed limits, trying to get to work or home faster. These speedings cause car accidents and… more traffic jams. It is something like vicious circle.

This Audi A4 for some reason drove through the barrier and fell into the Moscow River. Watch the consequences.

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15 Responses to “The Car Fell into the Moscow River”

  1. John says:

    Total cost of clean up in Russia
    $20 tow truck fee
    $500 Crane fee

    Here in America you would have “Environmental Protection team” that is going to clean up the river, dig a hole underwater to remove spoiled soil, bring some more dirt to replace removed soil. Contain the leaked chemicals and remove them. Test water every week to make sure no harmful chemicals are found.

    Total cost of clean up in America
    over $50,000

    • Misha says:

      Why do you hate America, John?

    • jf long says:

      Not to mention the cost to the driver in the way of traffic violations and oh yes… they would make the driver pay for the repair of the bridge also.

      Russians are great people. But much like the Japanese, they simply cannot drive worth a damn.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Where did you come up with all that?

    • Tim says:

      I live in the US and I have no idea what you are talking about, why would you even try to, “dig a hole underwater to remove spoiled soil,” that’s ridiculous. More than likely as long as they weren’t drunk or at fault insurance would cover the damages and any repairs. They’d total the car give you the book value of it, after which you’d pray to god you didn’t owe more than it was worth and than you have to pay for that car plus the next car you have to buy.

  2. Shizo says:

    Is that a dead body hanging out of the window? It looks like he hit something before plunging into water.

    • John says:

      That’s the front and side airbags hanging out of the window.

    • zenmetsu says:

      he has hit the wall before falling into river. if you look at support pillar, you can see where metal-work was once welded. appears as if he (or more likely she) took out section of wall before washing car in river.

      in america carwash only $8-$10… in russia you have to pay for tow truck and crane.. bringing total to over $300. at least use of moscow river water is free of charge ^ ^

  3. Jochem says:

    Any news on how the drivers been doing?

  4. Josh says:

    A few years ago I lost a truck in a river. If I didnt remove the vehicle quickly the Forest Service was going to charge me a hefty “chemical spill fine” every day the truck was in the river.

  5. badbrownie says:

    tis a shame, such a nice car.

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