10 Soviet Public Conveyances

Soviet Public Conveyances

Posted on July 18, 2007 by

These vehicles were carrying passengers during the Soviet Era. Today most of these models already lie in scrap-heaps, but some of them are still in use, especially in provincial regions.


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10 Responses to “Soviet Public Conveyances”

  1. Feelov says:

    Раритеты! Таких уже и нету уже нигде…

  2. I am says:

    Only one bus still in use 5th photo

  3. YCbCr says:

    Last pic, Ikarus 55.
    Our local public transportation company (Vértes Volán) has renewed one, it’s working fine, and is used as a nostalgia ride/special service (in films, etc).

    23th pic: ZIU-9/B trolleybus
    Some (~30-35) are still in use in Budapest.

  4. Misha says:

    Trams same as one on 10th photo – still in use in some places, notably Ufa.

  5. Pavel says:

    Yes Hungary makes very good busses. The busses we use in Los Angeles are NABI which was born from the Ikarasz company. If i remember correctly the bus shells are manufactured in Gyor Hungary. Hungary supplied busses for much of the Eastern Block.

  6. Peterm says:


  7. ocsua says:

    3 of them is hungarian “ikarus” busz

  8. glk says:

    It’s a pity we don’t really have the tradition of keeping old buses running.
    Look at the buses in Malta – made in 1940s and still running, and a pleasure to ride in…

  9. Nikolaj says:

    Buses and trams same as one on 10th and 19th photo still in use in Latvia, city Daugavpils.

  10. none says:

    Where is the photo? Broken

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