20 Some More Russian Toilets

Some More Russian Toilets

Posted on July 18, 2007 by


The question of public lavatories is still very relevant in Russia, because there exists a shortage of them, especially in the big cities. Sometimes there is no place to go at all and people even have to use free lavatories in McDonald’s.

This street construction is supposed to be an effective solution of existing problem, but there are still some details that should be improved. Men and women should gather in groups and enter it by turn – first men group, next – women. When the gentlemen finish their “business” there comes the turn for the ladies, and it seems that some ladies don’t realize that this shelves are not actually shelves for their bags at all…


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20 responses to “Some More Russian Toilets”

  1. Mister says:

    I’m sorry, but it looks like the pee goes on the ground?

  2. John says:

    Look at the 2nd picture and the guy in the lower right hand corner peeking through the holes to see inside… lol

  3. Misha says:

    This is one of King George Bush’s “free speech” zones.

  4. Shizo says:

    I take it the men’s pee goes into the underground drainage (bottom left corner). But women seem to be peeing on the ground under themselves? Hmm..

  5. Cossack says:

    As you can see, something smell wrong in russian streets, maybe that can be a contribution to the global warming ahahahha

  6. Ummagumma says:

    That’s disgusting! I can just imagine the stench of urine in these areas and the vomit that goes with it. Kind of reminds me of the men’s public washrooms in train stations. No toilets but really smelly squatters. The toilets in Russian flats are equally disgusting too. The cleanest restrooms was at the super mall by the Red Square and the hotel I stayed at.

  7. Paglief says:

    Ladies, before you pee in Russia look above for cameras.

  8. I am says:

    You was recorded by hidden cam ?

    • Paglief says:

      It was a reference to the two pictures on this post. Same angle, same focus, so taken by a fixed security camera on a wall. Some security guys (not just Russian, but all around the world) get their kicks in peculiar ways.

      • numb says:

        You have a good point, but this doesnt have a static angle/place.. If you check the leftmost wall in both pics, it’s not in the same angle..

  9. humanoid says:

    That is completely disgusting. I cannot pee with someone else in the room. I’d have to run to the nearest dark alley.

  10. bjolso says:

    It is good that it has no roof. So that for first time, we can peep in russian toilet.

  11. kolN says:

    God forbid having to go for a free pee in McDonald’s.
    Instead of taking turns i think the women should just go to McDonald’s

  12. chess says:

    Strong civilization some time back, now not having a place to pee…? Who/what went wrong…?

  13. Zack says:

    Probably the thing I dislike most about Ukraine is the toilets.

  14. Leo says:

    Normaalne vene värk,nagu kogu riik!

  15. Don says:

    What are you supposed to do if you need to do a shite? Where does shite go?

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