24 Pink Lenin

Pink Lenin

Posted on July 17, 2007 by

Lenin monument 1

Some Russian youngsters decided that old Lenin monuments scattered across the Russian cities look gray and dull and decided to add some color to them, here is one example of more revived Lenin monument.

Lenin monument 2

Lenin monument 3

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24 Responses to “Pink Lenin”

  1. Andreas says:

    Pretty in pink.

  2. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    What does the writing at the bottom say?

    This = ???

  3. Doug says:

    Now if ESTONIAN kids had done this, I bet there would be a different reaction.

    • fromukrainewithlove says:

      wich of the disasters after 1917 did you had in mind??

      that people got food..?
      that people got work..?
      that USSR became supremarcy..?
      technoligical advances on everything..?
      oder wollen Sie Deutsch sprechen..??

      HELL YEAH….What a disaster…

    • Premas says:

      Channel 5 is St.Pet channel. I think it’s the second channel after Channel 1 (ORT) in meter range – it’s federal now. I’m half Russian – half Ukranian. Your link (the second, at http://www.km... would be fun if it wasn’t so sad.

    • bjolso says:

      Ok, but I’m then actually a bit surprised, if Lenin statues were after all so far between even in Soviet times. I mean, Stockhom has 1 million inhabitants, and it has one statue of an old dictator king (Karl XIIth), just like a russian city of the same size has one statue of Lenin..

      Also, I don’t really think statues mean much. What matters is how society is organized. You don’t change that by renaming streets or tearing down statues.

  4. Anti spam says:


  5. Pros says:

    told ya… here is another monkey :)

    • Misha says:

      Pink Lenin has made you gay.

      • Pros says:

        Waddya know? The monkey can post messages! I hardly can understand the nonsense but evolution is truly an unbelievable thing!

        • Misha says:

          Oh, the little puppy is peeing as high as he can! Oh!
          He fell over and peed on himself! What a sad funny little puppy!

          You’re projecting, Pros. You are doing exactly what you are
          accusing the other monkeys of doing.

          • Pros says:

            What we’re seeing here is the first attempt to make a logical deduction. There is still lots of prattle, which is probably typical for the newly discovered primates. But you can feel that something is going on in that funky little head.

  6. kokibuster says:


  7. John from Kansas says:

    I think Lenin would be pleased that someone called attention to his monument in this way. How often do people walk past and do not notice? Now they will see Lenin’s statue and perhaps reflect briefly, as we have.

  8. tryams says:

    I don’t care about Lenin, but I find that disgusting. Vandalism and nothing more.

  9. nikich says:

    Emo kids – kultura

  10. Mr.Tinkles says:

    This is the “liberty” that the former Soviet people want?

  11. Mr.Tinkles says:

    Right,if you want to give more fun to Lenin’s statue,DON’T PAINT PINK BALLS ON HIS HEAD!
    A little bit of respect is good
    If they don’t paint his face…
    He was a great art apreciator,and this is the people’s art

  12. carlos says:


  13. Chilean_dude says:

    Polka dot!


  14. pol says:

    Imbrattare i monumenti è da vandali…altro che punk-arte!

  15. David Levy says:

    How ungrateful! the punks that did this should have there arms broken. How dare they desacrate great Lenin’s statue .

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