9 Yet Another Flood in Russia

Yet Another Flood in Russia

Posted on July 16, 2007 by

Friday the 13-th was indeed unlucky day for inhabitants of Tver’, where strong flood occured. It’s third or fourth flood for this summer for Russia, in the cities previously never flooded at all.

Tver, RussiaTver, Russia


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9 Responses to “Yet Another Flood in Russia”

  1. sa says:

    haha, indestructible ČKD Praha tram on the first picture! survives wars, floods, earthquakes, all…

  2. Henry says:

    russian cars are amphibious…

  3. Locale says:

    It was not flood, just a little rain.

    • Doug says:

      That is the newest GAZ Volga. It is the same type of car as pictured in picture #14, except it has a face lift. Very common in Russia. I have ridden in many.

  4. Peterm says:

    Does the name Katrina mean something to you?

  5. SashaVolkov says:

    Looks like Venice

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