28 Moscow Streets

Moscow Streets

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Photo from the streets of Moscow 1

Just some photos from Moscow streets by the photographer Rulon Oboev.

Photo from the streets of Moscow 2

Photo from the streets of Moscow 3

Photo from the streets of Moscow 4

Photo from the streets of Moscow 5

Photo from the streets of Moscow 6

Photo from the streets of Moscow 7

Photo from the streets of Moscow 8

Photo from the streets of Moscow 9

Photo from the streets of Moscow 10

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Photo from the streets of Moscow 12

Photo from the streets of Moscow 13

Photo from the streets of Moscow 14

Photo from the streets of Moscow 15

Photo from the streets of Moscow 16

Photo from the streets of Moscow 17

Photo from the streets of Moscow 18

Photo from the streets of Moscow 19

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28 responses to “Moscow Streets”

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  2. Pete says:

    >>Real genetical Jews are Palestinians, even thought they are converted top islam.

    so this top islam stuff?

    Is it pretty cool?

    Never heard of top islams.

  3. MisMas says:

    There is a right-hand-drive Subaru Forester on one of the pictures. I have recognized that there’s quite a lot rhd cars in the country. What’s the reason of it?

    • Kostya says:

      The reason is cheap old cars from Japan. Instead of utilisation, which costs money, japs sell them to Russia.

  4. I am says:

    Just cheap cars from japan

  5. Evgeny says:

    The picture with female cops is from St.Petersburg, not from Moscow – arka glavnogo shtaba pered dvorzovoj plozchadju.

  6. Amadeus says:

    Whats going on in Moscow? I don’t understand why people would be standing by a statue of a creature that looks like them. Not only one person but several. I don’t understand!

  7. firsak says:

    The second photo is from Ukraine.

  8. lxa says:

    Second photo is from Kiev. Eight photo is Saint-Petersburg.

    The name of photographer is “Rulon Oboev”. It sounds like a real russian name but means “roll of wallpapers”.

    • yann says:

      “Rulon Oboev” does NOT sound like a real Russian name – it actually comes back to a a joke about a series of fake “Chechenian” names invented in the late 90s when with the Chechnia wars and terrorist attacks a lot of Chechenian names were mentioned in the mass media. The other names from this series include “Ushat Pomoev” and “Buket Levkoev”.

  9. Feelov says:

    Predlagayu podpis’ k 10-i fotke – “Otryad izgoev”

  10. D says:

    Great pics. This is why I come to this site.

  11. Lasso Tool says:

    The duo from the 12-ya fotka are ugly

  12. Tim says:

    why the “Shreck” theme on the streets?

  13. chaosgone says:

    Nice photos! I like this site, too.

  14. Polina says:

    Is that John Locke with the rollerskates?

  15. zwn says:

    jews stay out of russia! no one wants you there

  16. mad1982 says:

    Very nice shoots

  17. Konstantin says:

    The Precious is oursss

  18. keli says:

    the comments are good too – I’m learning stuff about russia I would never know otherwise outside of knowing someome personally or going there

  19. Nikhil Mekala says:

    American culture is everywhere.even in Russia. Just found that out.
    Putin looks like gollum disguised as a human.

  20. Pastik says:

    #2 is not russia, its in ukraine

  21. frankie says:

    This is a great website, am glad to have found it…great pictures

  22. Subaru-Man says:

    Nice, thanks
    Cool article 🙂

  23. Sherice Barranca says:

    Actually intriguing articles. I enjoyed examining it.

  24. Lesa Throndson says:

    There is a vast amount of info on the web site you’ve started. With thanks.

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