75 Glazastik. The New Internet Hero

Glazastik. The New Internet Hero

Posted on July 16, 2007 by

Russians like to make internet stars from amusing or extraordinary people seen in mass communication media. For example, for some period of time such a star was Chumazik (Dirty-Faced Fellow), a drunken factory worker. The video with this guy was a true hit in 2005 across Russian part of Internet.

That was three years ago. But here is another story, the new one. During the press conference of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, that took place on G8 summit, some young man started to throw out propaganda leaflets. This incident became very popular in the Russian part of the Internet. The reason of such popularity is neither the actions of the young activist, nor the smart reaction of the Mr. President. The reason was the man sitting in the conference hall (you can see him on the picture above). They called him Glazastik (Big-Eyed Guy). Below you can see the short video of this incident – see the guy with strange eyes behind the guy with leaflets, clear at 00.58 of the video. After the video was spread around Russian Internet many photoshopped versions of him appeared, we also include them here.


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75 Responses to “Glazastik. The New Internet Hero”

  1. oli says:

    How come that guy throwing papers said something in Russian then Putin started saying something to him in German?

    • fugu says:

      Because Putin worked many years as KGB-agent in germany (dresden) und speaks german very good, but normaly in official events he speaks only russian, just for representation as russiaÄs head.

      • oli says:

        Yes I was aware that Putin speaks fluent German, I just didn’t realise the young man had said anything in German so was a bit confused why Putin would reply in German. Seems the young man throwing papers did say something in German after all which is why Putin responded in the same language.

        Cheers. :)

    • Alex says:

      Because Putin knows German?

    • oli says:

      Yeah fair enough. I didn’t catch the German comment by the young man at first. The translation was loud indeed, I only just caught the German then quickly rewound to find out what Putin said (I speak German but not Russian).

      Presumably the video was in Heiligendamm so the young man may have been a German or a Russian – who knows.

    • pravesh says:

      “Junger Mann, geben Sie mir was Sie geworfen haben. Gut?
      Sie haben gemacht, was sie gemacht wollten. Jetzt lassen Sie uns in Ruhe. Geben Sie mir Zeit, das zu beantworten. Gut? Einverstanden? Ist das demokratisch? Setzen Sie sich hin!”

      “Young man, give me what you have thrown. Ok? You have done, what you wanted to do. (grammar improved from German here)
      Now leave us in peace. Give me time to answer this. Ok? Understood? Is that democratic? Now sit down!”

    • Me! says:

      G8 Summit was in Germany. Kid was German. Said something in German… thus illiciting a response in German.

    • michael says:

      it was the g8 thing in heiligendamm germany while this happended. the man throwing paper must have been a german.

  2. Goe says:

    Putin says:
    “Junger Mann, geben Sie mir was Sie geworfen haben. Gut?
    Sie haben gemacht, was sie gemacht wollten. Jetzt lassen Sie uns in Ruhe. Geben Sie mir Zeit, das zu beantworten. Gut? Einverstanden? Ist das demokratisch? Setzen Sie sich hin!”

    “Young man, give me what you have thrown. Ok? You have done, what you wanted to do. (grammar improved from German here)
    Now leave us in peace. Give me time to answer this. Ok? Understood? Is that democratic? Now sit down!”

    • Andreas says:

      Well thats a really great reply. I’d probably have started to yell at him. Putin showed off his intelligent side, thats for sure.

      • Stephen Smith says:

        You might have started to yell at him, but chances are you wouldn’t have done the things Putin had done to provoke him (fake war in Chechnya, fake Chechen terrorists, abolishing elected governorships, probably assassinating Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko, imprisoning Mikhail Khodorkovsky, fanning the flames of violent xenophobia and homophobia, etc., etc., etc.).

        …how fitting that the captcha/aka “anti-spam word” that I had to type in order to post this comment was “comrade.”

        • doug says:

          hey Andrej (Andreas)

          Russian nationalists who live in Sweden is so funny. Imagine that, you “love, mother russia” your birthcountry but you live in multicultural, successfull, industrial Sweden, a long-time enemy of Russia and this to live a better life than what you could have in backward, corrupt and violent Russia. Oh! the self-contradiction and irony of your existence is almost unbearably comic.

          • Andreas says:

            Wow, didnt expect such reactions.

            First of all, no Im not a “russian nationalist”. Ive been a Swedish citizen for all of my life, but Ive travelled alot. Ive been to some Russian cities several times and Im aware of the problems of Russia.

            However you dont seem to be aware of the problems of Sweden, and EU. It will be trouble when you “import” millions of muslims every year. Only in Sweden there is 100,000 immigrants each year, mainly muslims. The difference between Russia and Sweden is that we feed the immigrants, due to our too genereous welfare system. The result of this is that we get flooded by people who cant, or doesnt want, to work. You guys dont do that, the muslims have to work if they wanna live, driving taxi or whatever.

            Take a look at this vid: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MwhdZQH8y1M

            This is the reality of contemporary Sweden. 90% are unemployd in one suburb. Sweden was succesful but are now only multicultural. Thats really sad.

            • Giovani says:

              Multiculturalism is a discredited theory that has never worked anywhere in the world.
              It raises the living standards of the immigrants, and lowers the living standards of the host nation.
              Like communism, It looked good on paper but was a complete failure in practice, and It’s no surprise that the same “intelligentsia” who favoured communism also favour multiculturalism.
              AS long as they don’t have to live with it themselves.

              • David says:

                I am white and male and I live in Canada, which is hugely multicultural–South Asians (Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs), Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, Africans, Middle Eastern people, Jamaicans and others from Caribbean and West Indies, among others–and multiculturalism is working just fine here. There are the kinds of racial tensions and situations you might expect, but in general they are not significant in the overall welfare and well-being of the nation.

                It’s true, the living standards of the immigrants have definitely been raised (and much of that has been the point of our immigration and refugee initiatives), but you’d be hard-pressed to say that the living standards of Canada have been lowered as a result. I live with multiculturalism every day–at work, in my neighbourhood, in my family and among my friends. I am delighted that I live this way, and have been exposed to many interesting and enjoyable cultural, educational, political and spiritual viewpoints and experiences as a result.

                Maybe you should come here, Andreas, and try to figure out why multiculturalism has been such a success here and such a failure , according to you, in Sweden.

                • Chester Thompson says:

                  Well articulated david. I live in Toronto and love the mixed culture. This is how it should be everywhere.

                • bumblebee says:

                  I live in Manitoba Canada.Yes Canada is very multi cultural that doesn’t mean everyone is treated equally.First Nations people claim they want equal treatment and racism to stop, but what they really want is to be treated special. theres a day for them to celebrate everything.they are living off of mine an my familiy’s money NOT the governments, but MINE.I don’t think we’re the worst example of multiculturalism but I don’t think we’re the best.I don’t think there is a really good example.

                • numb says:

                  There is a difference between refugees and educated immigrants.

            • Z, the Lapplander says:

              Muslim immigrants, refugees and converts are the new Jews in Europe. Seriously. Europe has a bad history with racism, unfortunately.

        • Johnp says:

          Borat, is that you?

        • Croat says:

          Andreas why do you mix yugoslavian with muslims, turks and gipsy-s?

          There is no yugoslavia anymore, now there are Croatia,Bosnia,Slovenia and Serbia.

          Except from bosnia that used to be under turks for a long time and has a lot of muslims, in croatia, slovenia and serbia there are very litle muslims.

          • Andreas says:

            I mix them simply cuz they’re the ones who are the trouble here in Sweden. Ask any Swede and they will mention the muslims (i.e. Iraqis, north-Africans and so on), the “former” Yugoslavian and the gipsys.

          • Z, the Lapplander says:

            Actually, several things to mention

            Pretty much all of the Balkans were under Turkish rule at one point.

            Yugoslavians, all of them, would probably be considered ‘white’, wether Serbian, Croatian or Bosian-Herzegovinan.

            Religions are mixed. Bosnia-Herzegovina is mostly Muslim, Serbia and Montenegro are mostly Serbian, and Croatia and Dalmatia are mostly Catholic…. but, there are religious minorities all across the region, including atheists, Protestants and Jews… so not ALL Serbians are Orthodox, etc.

            Western Europeans are, by and large, bigoted against the Orthodox-Turkish influenced cultures of Eastern Europe. I mean, seriously, thats what its really about whether we’re talking about Serbs, Hungarians, Turks, Russians, Ukranians, Poles, Latvians or whatever.

            • brutalface says:

              Oh, You’re talking about Poland…about polish mentality. So, You should good know this country – if You want to talk about his problems, isint’t? I think, what You haven’t got any serious informations about Poland. In fact, Your opinion about this country is comic:) What do You know about Poland? What do You know about polish history, economy, life or sth else???

              Little experriment: sądzę, że nie masz zielonego pojęcia o Polsce. Twa opinia jest nie tylko krzywdząca, ale wskazuje, że Twa powierzchowna wiedza jest po prostu żenująca. Nie wiesz nic o polskim katolicyźmie, ani o tym, jakim krajem jest Polska. A zatem, na przyszłość nie zabieraj głosu jeśli nie wiesz o czym mówisz.

        • Fred says:

          I find it amusing that you single out the fact that there are ‘no muslims’ in Russia, when (by CIA fact site estimates) there are 21-28 million muslims living there, making up 15-20% of the population and constituting the largest religious minority. Even with your obvious ignorance, maybe googling just a few facts to suport your pathetic argument would be wise?

          Secondly you fail to address the rapid slide towards authoritarianism in Russia – there are now no independant TV stations; all Television output is heavily censored by the Kremlin, and is used as undisguised propoganda to support the illegal Kremlin agendas, ie. the war in Chechnya. A recent example of this change in the Russian state (which Putin, as an ex-KGB agent has engineered) is the murder of Alexander Litvinenko by the another ex-KGB agent, Andrei Lugovoi. While many people dispute that this was perpetrated by Lugovoi, and hence by extension, ordered by the Kremlin, they are ignoring an important fact; the amount of polonium-210 used to poison Litvinenko would have cost over $10 million, and requires serious nuclear infrastructure such as a particle accelerator or nuclear reactor, the like of which no individual has access to.

          Furthermore, you are a racist bigot.

        • Are you sure you live in Sweden and not some other country where everyone hates everyone else? Sheesh. There’s plenty of room in this world for people of all faiths and walks of life. Take a look at yourself before you start pointing the finger at people you don’t understand or won’t be compassionate enough to tolerate.

        • Andreas, you surprise me and freak me out…For as many years, we (in India) have come to believe that xenophobia is disease that affects Middle Eastern and African countries. For long, we have also associated xenophobia with illiteracy, and fanaticm.

          You have proved it without doubt it is not the case, even in ‘advanced’ and developed nations of the European Union, can one find people who are so uncouth and opinionated and lack culture. It is a sad commentary, that even with education (I assume you are educated), you are not able to discern truth and propaganda. Tell me what is the difference between you and the mullahs in Iran or Palestine, that rave and rant about destruction or jihad, as they call it.

          Let me tell you a thing, we Indians (more so Hindus like me) have co-existed with Muslims for centuries now, of course there have been wars, battles and riots. But, you come to realise that they are not any different from anyone else. And have not there been wars between religious ideologies, where were the ‘so-called advanced’ religions, when Hitler was butchering millions of Jews.

          I would request you to please travel to more places on this earth and expose yourself to different thoughts. It is only then you will realise that a muslim is no different from a catholic and a catholic no different from the jew. Let me share with you a Sanskrit phrase, “Vasudev kutambakam”, that means the world is one big family….So Brother, next time you feel like writing– like you have done now — please do not reveal your complete identity, you are discrediting the Swedes and EU at large…


        • brutalface says:

          “Jews, Gypsies, Poles”??? Not: Poles, Jews, Gypsies? Try to think about HISTORIC TRUE. And don’t talk, if You’re an ignorant.

        • S.Mazur says:

          Hey slow down man, we are all people of the SAME planet, right???

          Greetz outa Germany

  3. Creepy Bill says:

    Really funny stuff, I got my eye on you!

  4. Creepy Bill says:

    I’ve heard Putin likes sex with little boys.

  5. Creepy Bill says:

    I’ve heard Putin likes sex with little boys.;

  6. putinski says:

    Wow, Russian propaganda has moved into the modern era. This was a story about someone protesting Putin’s rule, presumably with a list of legitimate gripes, and the Russian media successfully turned this into a comedic story about some guy with bug-eyes.

  7. Tim says:

    This kid is going to be the next president of Russia. This is how it will happen. He will gain popularity in russian politics. Make several speeches addressing the problems with the nation. Putin will be involved in some crazy bizarre scandal. The country will be furious. This kid will begin running ads to run president. The ads will involve this confrontation. The kid wins.

  8. Stephen says:

    Where is the frog from in that first picture? It looks oddly familiar….

  9. selfish says:

    “Wow, Russian propaganda has moved into the modern era. This was a story about someone protesting Putin’s rule, presumably with a list of legitimate gripes, and the Russian media successfully turned this into a comedic story about some guy with bug-eyes.” – i think this comment sums up the situation quite successfully. (capatcha: kgb – how VERY fitting!)

  10. Chris says:

    Hmm, the capatcha’s all seem to be very fitting, seeing as they’re Russia-related and all. Anyway, the frog is from Futurama, it’s the hypno-toad in the first episode with the giant brain race.

  11. love the futurama references

  12. Vasya says:

    Really funny. Especially with lazer rays

  13. drfunkenstein says:

    He’s an alien attempting government infiltration. You think I’m kidding? Does that look human to you?

  14. American says:

    What is really most interesting is that if you tried that here in the USA, you would be violently tackled and dragged out of the room, maybe to never be seen again. You most certainly would NOT be capable of sitting back down. Glad to see that they still have freedom of speech somewhere!

  15. The dude says:

    I hope not all Russians are like you, sicko. It’s people like you who gives a bad reputation to your nation. I hope you get smacked in the face, joker.

  16. The dude says:

    You freak me out dude. Let’s hope most Russians are not like you.

    • alexandra, ukraine says:

      i Bolshaja FOFUDJA NAKROET EVROpU!!!!!!!BESY VSJUDU,chuvak,besy!!!!TUpye americancy!!!!o,velikaja rassseaj mat`!!!!ura!!!kanonizirovat` nikolaja vtorogo i putina- optom !!!

      • Alex says:

        Sasha, vypey vody i ne nervnichai ty tak. U tebya vse eshe butet v poryadke. a poka otdohni ot televizora i nachni dumat o svoyey pol’ze.

  17. asss says:



  18. Andreas says:

    You really tried to spell a Swedish name, but unfortunatley you failed.

    Thats rather cute.

  19. Tim says:

    Russians are fear addicts, i love you guys to death and want you to succeed but face it things aren’t all roses and sunshine and you can’t accept the dual position that you were on top of the world when in fact you were a mass importer of grain to feed yourselves, you bankrupted your client states to enrich the mother land but failed to create a sustainable economy to keep things going. Your ideology killed more people than hitler You lived in a totalitarian dictatorship and you don’t honestly know what was going on in the rest of the soviet union because all news was heavily censored. I know this because the supposedly “happy” people in the ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania hated true russians for what they did so much at first the welcomed the nazi’s.
    Face it your a people who have not known freedom in hundreds of years and abort 10 kids to every one that is born. Your women don’t want to raise a kid in their world.

    I applaud this kid for getting some nuts and trying to speak his mind.

  20. Tim says:

    oh and the Kid is hot, I’d do him any day yah gay haters.

  21. Kleber says:

    uahauahauahu very very funny!!

  22. Singe says:

    Glazastik’s emoticon is as follows: ಠ_ಠ

  23. s says:

    I think the kid was planted to do that. I mean, who finds an empty chair in the middle of a crowd when suddenly asked to sit down? Not too likely.

    And my captcha word of course is ‘russian’.

  24. Vladimir Putin says:

    Hey Guys, All this talk of Russian supremacy makes me proud. All e comrades scattered around the world…arise…dust up your Ladas and drive back to your Father land!! Papa Putin is waiting with open arms and 1gm of free Plutonium for each of you ! ;-) What you guys saw in the video was my KGB agent deploying the ‘eye-fry’ ray gun at the protestor. As for you Andreas …you will be sent 200gms of Plutonium soon. Please don’t accidently drop it into your tea ! These Europeans cant live with Russian justice… I want to choke the EU’s supply of oil and gas again !…ok guys…i need to go…gota personally choke some dissenters in a top secret Gulag in Siberia.

  25. tryams says:

    All that wailing about sliding to totalitarism, no free media in Russia etc. is ridiculous. You’re are completely brainwashed and naive believing that people have more free will in western countries.
    God bless your ignorance.

  26. Tim says:

    nicely said Sven

  27. Zenon Slaby says:

    Herby I present you my own Glazastickism:



    So, how many of you webernet people came here through AOTS? Funny stuff, huh?

    If you have to ask, it means you didn’t, so please don’t bother. ;_;

  29. Alexey_Malk says:

    It is a shame that photoshopers forgot Cthulhu =). Thank you =).

  30. joe says:

    Sorry folks, this is not funny it’s more a mind control stuff.
    Glazastik is sitting very close to the activist on a purpose and doing big eyes also on purpose, remember as your mom did ;-)

  31. Alexey_Malk says:

    You know, fools are everywhere… Maybe you’re one of them? xD

  32. SamD says:

    I think this is the next big challenge we have as a race – working out how to live in harmony in what is becoming more of a melting pot of very different and occasionally incompatible cultures.

    I would suggest the following ideas to address this:

    – Have limits on immigration from each country – each country has a quota of people able to move from that country – then you dont have one huge influx from a single region banding together and isolating itself from the host country.

    – Strict background checks – ex convicts, people with a history of violent behaviour etc should not be let in.

    – 3 year probation period – when someone gets asylum or work visa etc they should be on probation – any anti social behaviour or criminal activity – zero tolerance – you’re out.

    Its easy to be airy fairy politically correct and say these would be draconion measures etc etc but the point is there is an issue with failed immigration policies in many western countries – you can either ignore it and pretend it doesnt exist and that we all live in carebear land – or accept the harsh reality of the situation and try to put measures in place that ensure that we as a society can grow and adapt to change and embrace cultural diversity but at a rate which is digestible, manageable and will not cause more harm than good in the long run.

    Apologies for the rambling nature of the response :)

  33. daqian says:

    it’s awesome,really funny!!!

  34. Padonag says:

    Man, go drink some poison and then smash yourself against the wall! Most of the comments of western people made me laugh even more than all those photozhaba pics… LOL

    Did U come here to have fun or to discuss Putin or Russian internal problems or Mslims (or whatever minority) in your countries????


    Do you think that your kind of so-called “humour” is worth even smiling???

    OMG!!! The West is really under degradation process…

    Sorry for off-topic: by the way a Russian female writer has a book – “Notre Dame de Paris Mosque”, which depicts your possible near future…

  35. RenaissanceMan says:

    You are a fool.

    You are typing in English due to American domination. All your blabbing is in vain. You had 50 years of equal domination shared with us Americans.

    Everyone knows Russia is done. Very much so.
    Your population is exiting, Russian itself is losing clout to German.. you….are….so….done.
    You are relegated to being the backwards nation Russia always has been, and I’m a descendant of Cossacks. I don’t hate Russia, it’s simply a true statement.

    Your ideology was a crock.
    Everyone knows NOTHING good has every come out of Russia, why would we follow the way you think the entire government should be ran?

    I’ll stick with the Greco-Roman ways, thanks for playing though Ruski.

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