5 Just Another Strange Car

Just Another Strange Car

Posted on July 12, 2007 by

car made from VAZ car 1

It’s another something found on Russian streets. What’s is of most interest in this “vehicle” is that it seems both parts of a car and of a bike were used in it. The trunk is from Russian LADA car, but reduced in its width.

car made from VAZ car 2

car made from VAZ car 3


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5 Responses to “Just Another Strange Car”

  1. Kapusta says:

    This is old. But with new angles. Ochin harasho!

  2. FlyingNationalist says:

    Misha go die

  3. Doug says:

    Similar conversions are available in the USA. It is basically a very expensive toy that costs more than a standard car.

  4. D says:

    Stop wasting my time with these reposts.

  5. Is this a registrable trade mark?

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