35 Strange Russian Strawberry

Strange Russian Strawberry

Posted on July 11, 2007 by

strange russian strawberry

Such strange strawberries have appeared in Siberia. Biologists can’t figure out the reason for those berries to change their appearance in such manner.

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35 Responses to “Strange Russian Strawberry”

  1. Misha says:

    I am a gay ! Post more porn please

  2. gorby says:

    that looks pretty gross. I’m not sure why though.

  3. D says:

    I’m sure with all the experts on here, someone can figure out why.

  4. Oles says:

    Are you sure it is not from the Chernobyl area?

    • Doug says:

      Actually there was another nuclear disaster in Siberia back in the 1950s that was a secret until the late 1980s. Perhaps it is from that area.

  5. i lasted .. says:

    … 18 MINUTES TODAY; WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO; it used to be 20 through;

  6. J Doe says:

    We all know “the reason for those berries to change their appearance in such manner”. It was done so yo’ll two-legged animals won’t eat them.

  7. Swede says:

    The seeds on the strawberry have all began to grow new plants, feeding from the berry. That observation was easy. The reason and the rest is up to biologists to explain.

  8. illlich says:

    Looks like the seeds on the outer skin of the berry have germinated.

    • tommy says:

      I think so too. ;)

      “Biologists can’t figure out the reason for those berries to change their appearance in such manner.” well, biologists clearly got no common sense in russia?

  9. John from Kansas says:

    Well the last one started with dots and ended with Chuck Norris explaining U.S. policy with anime. Where will this one go?

  10. Tim says:

    yeah it’s not that tricky somehow the seeds germinated while on the fruit. like potatoes growing from the tuber.

  11. W. Shedd says:

    Actually, the seeds on a strawberry are the fruit. What we eat is a false-fruit (pseudocarp). Yes, the seeds appear to have germinated.

    • No expert, but... says:

      The extreme cold stops the strawberry from rotting too fast.
      The sun and small amounts of water do the rest.

  12. anonny says:

    I’ve sprouted some strawberries and they don’t come out like that, it takes quite a while for them to get that big, the fruit’d be long rotted. Maybe this strain’s developed top-set — what things like falling onions do. They don’t actually produce seed, skipping straight to growing new plants atop the old.

  13. Samantha says:

    Everyone else came to the same instant conclusion that i did.. all the little seeds that normally cover it sprouted.. how hard is that to figure out..

  14. Rachelle says:

    It looks like all that happened was that the seeds sprouted and started to grow
    This happens to tomatoes and peppers too, when you open them up you find growing plants.

  15. Swedish Swede says:

    omg, looks scary!!! hopefully it’s NATURE, and not from some nuclear accident or something :-S

  16. Aaron says:

    It’s because the seeds on the strawberry started growing while the strawberrry was still ripe.

  17. elizabeth says:

    i like everithing because itis sweari like that.

  18. Cell says:

    I’ve had tomatoes do the same. Keeping them cool, kept the tomato from rotting, the seeds inside germinated and started growing, resulting in little curled plants, which spilled out upon cutting. It’s a no brainer, really.

  19. Juliet Tsuda says:

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  20. biologist says:

    biologist call that an atavism.

    In this strawberry the carpels (leaves that are usually tranformed into little nuts on the surface of the srawberry, enclosing the seeds) fail to develop into nuts and form leaves instead. Great picture, nothing inexplicable here …

  21. butterfly says:

    I found one that looks like that today on one of my plants and just as biologist said the leaves are around not from the seeds

  22. butterfly says:

    and I am in South Carolina not Siberia

  23. gus says:


    those are the strawberry seeds sprouting, ever looked at a strawbery…. ‘seeds’ are on the outside.

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  25. alex says:

    We have the same problem here in South Australia. No the seeds have not germinated on the outside of the fruit. This is due to a hormonal response to spray vapour drift from hormonal type herbicides. Small doses actually can confuse the plants changing their growth. These hormones found in products like 2,4D and triclopyr can trigger changes in very small doses. This is also more evident in cooler seasons for some reason.

  26. Strawberries in East Europe says:

    Strawberry plants that yeald more than 1,5kg/plant https://youtu.be/z8I4VlHP5KE

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