40 Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 1


This lady from Kiev is probably the only one who cares about the lost dogs on the streets of this city. She has a small flat but doesn’t live there because she cannot find there place for all her 70+ dogs she picked up on the streets of Kiev. Instead, she lives in the abandoned house with all her dogs and a few homeless people. There is no electricity or heating system in this house but it’s big enough for all the dogs so she decided to live there and only rare times she visits her flat for some rare shower. Every weekends she visits the Kiev downtown to collect money for the needs of the dogs and some homeless people that live together with her and with her dogs. She dreams that someday she’ll find somebody wealthy who would understand her needs and would donate enough for her to get the electricity to the house and to buy enough food. Probably this would never happen.

homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 2


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 3


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 4


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 5


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 6


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 7


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 8


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 9


homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 10



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40 Responses to “Homeless with Dogs from Kiev”

  1. Peterm says:

    I think I saw that woman las summer on Adreievskiy Spusk.

  2. Teus says:

    beautiful photography

  3. elisei_zorine says:

    lets send money to her; its for a good cause; if it wasnt for her, muslims would have used the dogs for shish-kebabs by now as they normally do (i am not bashing , i am quite serious as i have seen it done); i love animals, especially dogs;

    • Jay says:

      Oh yeah!? I’m muslim myself and I’ve never seen such thing or heard of! AFAIK the dog is not food exept in such countries as China!!! Kebab is made of beef and nothing else you smuck!

      • Alexi says:


      • glvoid says:

        which country?

      • Ravar says:

        Jebi se? … Pushi mi kurac i ebim ti mater Alban sukin sin.

        • Jay says:

          Albania? Nice try.. try Bosnia.

          Your friend died while killing other people? Well sir, I do hope she is burning in hell.. You want to avenge her – bring it on!!! A lot of bosnian and croatian people gave their lifes because you friends cetnik-serbs wanted a big Serbia – and yeah they also started WWI… I HATE SERBS AND LIKE TOGETHER WITH REST OF THE WORLD!

          • Boris Abramov says:

            … so who started the war?

          • Ravar says:

            WTF are you talkin about Your friend died while killing other people? – what? Albania and Croatia where with the Nazis in the WWII…ok.

          • Sumar says:

            Starting a world war because a country oppressed you is pretty damn cool

            What has Albania done lately, other than not be mentioned in civil conversation ever?

            And as for Bosnia, it is a majority Christian country populated with Orthodox Serbs as well as Serbs that converted to Catholicism and Islam during the Ottoman Era

            Croatians = Catholic Serbs
            Bosnians = Muslim Serbs
            Albanians = Filthy Kurds

            If you hate Serbs so much, why are you speaking their language?

      • Igo - Chpauch says:

        I hate Albanians even more than Chechens. Lets hear his typical response to “who started the war?”. My very good friend died killing Albanians and one day i will avenge her.

      • Hunchison says:

        How a freaking story you tell, as far as I know, majority of Chinese of Han ethnic group never eat dog, the people’s friends. Only some Korean eat dogs, you should make it clear, right?

  4. John from Kansas says:

    If a knowlegeable person could put up a legitimate web-site, with photos of those furry noses and hopeful eyes, there would be enough donations to support the people and their dogs.

  5. Misha says:

    Send all dogs to usa

  6. Michael Von Brah says:

    You dont like using color??

  7. 2Misha says:

    there’s no need all the dogs are already in the White House

  8. Shizo says:

    I don’t like dogs. But if they really like dogs, perhaps this website can organize a “web money” account to collect donations for them.

  9. tim says:

    just send some links to
    I bet you could get a group to help her out.

  10. KILLA7 says:

    i love it!Kind-hearted old couple!

  11. Lawrence says:

    Whoever took these pictures must know how to contact the old lady.

    Does she have a PO box, email, phone?. How does her friends and family get in touch with her? If you can post those details here, I am sure donations will follow.

  12. Proud2bRussian says:

    [Does she have a PO box, email, phone?. How does her friends and family get in touch with her? If you can post those details here, I am sure donations will follow.]

    Good joke, Lawrence. Yeah, every homeless person supposed to have an e-mail at least.

    I seems that in Ukraine some dogs get more care than people.

  13. Cock in your mouth says:

    Who cares about your helpless racist mouth

  14. IndianAndHindu says:

    And I thought I was the only Indian who used to surf this site

    *smacks on head*.

  15. Mandalay says:

    typical uneducated ignorant American who got his basic education like most of them on nintendo type war games and internet porn and buying drug and hand guns which is easy on the street in most American cities

  16. Jogobot says:

    Belive in me.
    Belive in JOGOBOT!

  17. Rosie says:

    based on your 5 facts it sounds like they are similar to most Americans…

  18. jose says:

    “die! you engerlish pig-dog!”

    =childs cartoon in England where WW2 Japanese soldier bayonets Tommy Atkins

    just thought I’d add this :)

  19. oscar says:

    amazing. just amazing! I would donate money for her, if I could.

  20. brbrbr says:

    there a some international organistation operates in Kiev area. let them know about and send them money for. or if you have friend in neighbord – try through him – and you can easily found one in internet(but not trust to most :[)

  21. KJS1 says:

    I would gladly donate to help her, somebody in Kiev needs to setup a Non-profit for this person :)

  22. Abhishek says:

    If there be a God may he look kindly upon such noble souls who put his mute and noble creations before themselves.

  23. Darya says:

    i will donate!
    kiev is my hometown and id be so down
    if i only knew how to contact her…or where to find her
    when i fly down there

  24. Melly says:

    Seriously though, is there any way to donate to this lady? The thought of her dying without her hopes being rewarded is sad to me.

  25. Lola says:

    The article is great and sad at the same time. I am glad that someone cares that much for dogs. Around the world there are many who could care less about these poor animals, but this lady has chosen to even leave her apartment to give the dogs a better life. The dogs seem to have their basic needs covered (food and water, shelter, walks, love), but I wish someone would care more about the woman and company who spread such love. I honestly wish her the best.

  26. sobot2 says:

    Pushkin picture?

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