photos of soviet military pilot from afghanistan 1

24 Russian Pilot in Afghanistan

Russian Pilot in Afghanistan

In late 70s Russian army entered Afghanistan, thousands soldiers, hundreds tanks and helicopters,
etc. These are photos from Afghanistan of one of the Russian helicopter pilots.
russian tank truck looking like a dragon 1

38 Dragon Tank Truck

Dragon Tank Truck

I've seen a lot of photos of USA or Japan trucks looking very stylish after some big work of decorating. But
this one looks different. And it can be met on roads of Russia - it's not from some art gallery.
bangladesh air forces in St. Petersburg 1

10 Bangladesh Air Forces go St. Petersburg

Bangladesh Air Forces go St. Petersburg

That's what true globalization is about: remains of Bangladesh Air Forces
helicopters are towed around Russian city St. Petersburg and nobody seem to care.
Russian cars drawn with a ball-pen 1

7 Pen Drawn Cars

Pen Drawn Cars

Somebody has sent us the photos of cars, mostly Russian
cars, drawn with a regular ball-pen by some Russian guy.
Snow in Summer in Russia 1

10 Russian Summer

Russian Summer

It's way too hot all over Europe and USA these days. What's about Russia? Starting May 31, 2007 in Yakutia,
Russia summer has began. Here are some photos from the first 5 days of Russian summer in Yakutia.
chechn self-made weapons 1

143 Chechen Self-Made Weapons

Chechen Self-Made Weapons

Shots of the various self-made weapons seized by Russian army and
police in Chechnya. There is even self-made machine gun.
new fountain in st. Petersburg 1

6 A New Fountain in St. Petersburg?

A New Fountain in St. Petersburg?

Yesterday on the most famous street of St. Petersburg downtown, one the Nevsky Ave. people could see such a thing. Is it a new fountain?
We have from time to time St. Petersburg fountains. Last week there was a post about St. Petersburg floating fountains.
old russian monster trucks 1

33 Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

These are abandoned
Russian strange cars.
41 Belarussian Detention

Belarussian Detention

That's how police in Belarus
(Belorussia) conduct a detention.
russian ambulance 1

12 Russian Ambulance

Russian Ambulance

Sometimes Russian
ambulances look like this.

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