flood in kiev 1
23 Kiev Flooded

Kiev Flooded

  We had Kiev's subway flooded a few days ago, now
somebody submitted just streets of Kiev flooded.
chechnya today 1

62 Chechnya 2007

Chechnya 2007

Photos from some meeting in Chechnya (Chechen
Republic or Ichkeriya) in Russia, 2007.
foreign cars in USSR police 1

23 Soviet Foreigh Police Cars

Soviet Foreigh Police Cars

Before I thought there were no foreign cars during Soviet Era in Russia, especially in police - all were
Ladas and Moskvich (Russian car makes) but it seems that there were some. Even American ones.
biggest Russian chair 1

10 Biggest Russian Chair

Biggest Russian Chair

In one small Russian city they have made the biggest chair in Russia - it's that big that they
can put a car on it. It would be transported to Moscow for some advertisement purposes.
russian smugglers 1

17 Smugglers Car

Smugglers Car

One Russian guy has bought old Ford. He used it for some time, everything was OK but he wondered why he could fuel it up only with 7 gallons of gas instead of
15. One day he got leak in his fuel tank and decided to take it off in order to fix the leak and when what he found inside the tank surprised him:
russian robocop 1
6 Robocop of Perm

Robocop of Perm

  They say that these days there is a strange thing cruising across the streets of Russian city Perm. It has police signs on itself and uses public roads to move, it speaks to passers by with a robot-type voice and has a few cameras which make photos of events. The local police office said that it's an experimental automated
police machine for improving security in the city. We don't have perfect photos of this thing, I hope they would be available a few days later, though today many Russian Internet news agencies mentioned this machine. We could call it Russian Robocop in action but actually it looks more like R2-D2 in action.
russian slime car 1

6 Slime Car

Slime Car

This Russian car on the streets of Moscow looks like it's dirty with some kind
of red slime, I wonder if it feels like a slime when one touches it too.
gregory perelman 1

26 Perelman in a Subway

Perelman in a Subway

One Russian blogger have met Gregory Perelman, Russian mathematician who refused to get $1,000,000 Field's prize some months ago. He didn't give any interviews and refused to meet anybody. And here he is, in St. Petersburg subway (his native city). According to the comment by the guy who made photos: "He looks like totally homeless trash, he had a very big nail on one of his fingers and was constantly
touching with it his mouth. I was amazed why nobody recognized him, I was making a photos with my camphone trying not to attract his attention. Later, when I told my friends that I met Perelman in the subway many just asked "Who is he?" so I understood why nobody recognized him." You can also read more about Perelman refuse to get the medal and million dollar prize here.
car repair shop in Orenburg, Russia 1

20 Car Repair Shop in Orenburg

Car Repair Shop in Orenburg

A car repair shop in Orenburg has such
a Mercedes above the entrance...
a dog window 1

20 Dog Window

Dog Window

There is a special dog window in this
car from Moldova (Moldavia).

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