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Russian GPS

Posted on June 27, 2007 by

russian glonass gps device  1

In Russia now they develop a new GPS system – GLONASS – for inner use – probably in order not to rely on foreign GPS system for state uses. Here are a few samples of the end-user devices available on market.

russian glonass gps device  2

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69 Responses to “Russian GPS”

  1. Pros says:

    yeah, the ignorance of the site author doesn’t surprise anyone anymore :)


  2. John Glenn says:

    It’s a fact. A country can’t have a good space program without a strong middle class.

  3. B.A.Baracus says:

    the first picture looks from the 70’s
    the picture under that one with the 2 devices looks up to date and modern

  4. i lasted .. says:


  5. Kevin says:

    is that an integrated Vodka Flask in the GPS receiver on the 2nd picture? :p
    that could come in handy every once in a while

  6. blob says:

    Sorry, I ment lick :)

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Please die! Don’t you get it? No one likes you :(

      • eliseiZorine says:

        yep : this is why i am anal to most people; but i dont hate groups of people, because of their culture; maybe only when they all ask dumb questions;

        • eliseiZorine says:

          well. .. whats with you & estonia? have you ever been there?

          • Boris Abramov says:

            No, but I do have some friends there and I have traveled through other Baltic states. Are you from Estonia?

            • eliseiZorine says:

              no, i am from uzbekistan; you?

              • Boris Abramov says:

                I was born in Moscow, but I’ve been living in UK for some time now.

                Anyway, I think we go off on the wrong foot. I had a look at your previous comments, espetially on Estonian issues, and I think we have more in common then we might think.

                But to answer your post, I have nothing against Estonians, for a simple reason, that I would not even dream of judging people by their nationality or race. I tend to judge people by what they do, not their skin color or culture.

    • Igor Abramov says:

      He miss hes ex black boyfriend and want your cock

    • eliseiZorine says:

      boris i am not racist; someone is commenting for me;

      • Boris Abramov says:

        You should fly back to Estonia, they will accept you with open arms. You will have lots of fun writing swastikas, antisemitic and anti-russia slogans on the walls of Tallinn. You will become one of their own. Now doesn’t that sound good? :)

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Ah, now I get it – “pld” is “FlyingNationalist”. After all, only uncivilised nazis form Poland or Estonia could make such hateful comments. Hey my polish friend, why don’t you make yourself useful and wash some toilets in London for half the minimum wage? Wouldn’t you earn more by doing this, then by being a doctor in the american colony that your country has become?

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Just a few examples of Anti-Semitism in Estonia:

          In February 2005 the Ministry of Defense distributed a movie to Estonian schools, which praised Estonian volunteers to the SS during World War II and claimed that the Nazi occupation saved Estonia from the Soviets. No mention was made of the SS murder of Jews or of the transportation of thousands of Jews to camps in Estonia.

          On 9 February 2005 the newspaper Kesknadal of the mainstream Centrist Party, a member of the government coalition, published an article by former Nazi legionnaire, I. Saar entitled, “History Cannot Be Sold at Auction,” criticizing the Estonian government’s decision from September 2004 to dismantle a memorial in the city of Lihula honoring Estonian SS soldiers.

          On 16 July 2005 about 1,500 former Estonian SS collaborators held a rally in Tartu, attended by Rein Lang, minister of justice (Reform Party).

          In mid-August a group of Holocaust researchers from Germany visiting Estonia discovered that the memorial to Holocaust victims in Klooga had been desecrated. The memorial marks the place where 2,000 Jews were shot to death and burnt on 19 September 1944. A local Jew told the visitors that the desecration had occurred in summer 2004 but the perpetrators had not been caught and the memorial was never repaired.

          In early August the trial of Olev Khannula for incitement of hatred began in the city of Tallinn. In 2003 he wrote “Jews to the oven” on the Internet forum of the Delfi news site. The prosecutor said that the trial would serve as a precedent, establishing a clear line between freedom of speech and incitement of ethnic hatred.

          Shall I go on?

      • eliseiZorine says:

        don’t you think its kinda dumb to be a nationalist? if you look at history (the past 600 generation) every culture is so badly mixed up that the concept of race is irrelevent & nationality is only defined by the curreln cultural state of your country; so if you are suffering from blind hatred towards inexistant enemy, read a book on anthropology and it will go away; intereseted in knowing more? email me to bradibus [at]gmail[dot]com;

      • John from Kansas says:

        Well which is it, majority or minority?

  7. D says:

    Not fun when someone does it to you, is it?

    btw, it wasnt me if thats what your thinking.

  8. D says:

    I read alot of good things about GLONASS, its supposed to be more accurate, more reliable, better quality, just better all around than the U.S. GPS system. Europe has been struggling to build theirs and China wants in on the action, but Russia has stepped in and delivered what they couldn’t. Its a perfect project for Russia, now lets see some more devices that use it.

    • Ihor X says:

      You should write for Pravda or MK. “All hail glory of Russia”. “Everything is done first and best by Russia.” ROFL

      • D says:

        I’ll be the first to admit when Russian products arent up to standard. But I’m just telling you what I read in American papers about the Russian GPS system. Don’t take it out of context. It is what it is… don’t be jealous.

        P.S. Acronyms like ROFL are extremely gay.

        • Ihor X says:

          It is well known that American papers contain only lies.
          Tell me please, which internet shorthand is for heterosexuals?

          • Ihor X says:

            You are quite well informed about blue boy culture, I congratulate you.

            • Boris Abramov says:

              What, have you got a problem with gays as well? Why are majority of americans so uncivilised?

              • Ihor X says:

                I don’t know why. Probably too many Russian immigrants in previous century.

                • Boris Abramov says:

                  Yes, George Bush must be russian immigrant to, and most of the south. Damn…there sure are many russian immigrants..

                  • D says:

                    Gay is an expression used by everyone in the U.S. It doesnt neccessarily mean homosexual.

                    Thats gay… doesn’t mean it will make you fall in love with men. It’s just a derogatory term.

                    But, no, I don’t like gay poeple, I wouldnt miss them if they were removed from this planet.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      Thanks for clarification D. I on the other hand, have nothing against gay people. Why shouldn’t they have the right to live thier life as they wish? But at the same time I was against Gay Pride in Moscow, because I strongly believe in democracy and the voice of MAJORITY, which was clearly against this event. If you take London for example, or San Francisco where MIJORITY of people welcome such events, why shouldn’t it be held?

                    • nutritious says:

                      So if your ideas aren’t of the majority, they don’t count for anything?
                      Supposedly 1 in 10 are gay, that’s a minority. You just said you’re against gay people.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      Even if I were against all gay parades (which I most certainly am not) – does that mean that I am against gay people?

  9. Razvan Nation says:

    They look really high tech. Are they South Korean or Japanese?

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    Do you mean “elisei zorine” is your real name? No, I don’t believe that.

    • D says:

      It’s his real name. Its pretty common actually …. google it… the first and last by themselves are common, just not common together.

  11. borsheat says:

    I think that is actually the Russian iphone

  12. blah says:

    The second picture is of old US Military grade GPS receivers, back when the signal was degraded for commercial use. We used to have one here in our office. That’s why its such a rugged design with big buttons and weird plastic cap things all over, just a part of being military grade.

    Yes we all realize there is no way those are modern receivers, but I just wanted to throw in that little tidbit.

  13. Boris says:

    What is so weird about it? It’s just a GPS system. Oh I see-you need that slick, shiny case with blue-LED buttons and a cell phone built-in. Do you have any idea how easily a modern consumer electronics device can get damaged compared to technology such as this?

  14. Bullwinkle says:

    I thought we were all going to meet up in Estonia for a Soviet era style party with lots of vodka, funky dancing, sexy Internet wanna-be brides and hideously ugly clothes.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      “sexy Internet wanna-be brides” HA HA that was so good!!!

      Just for that I’m willing to go to neocon rally with Bullwinkle :)

      • Texas1 says:

        Maybe we can smoke some big fat joints before hand and then go around and produce some Borat style interviews for new ER content.

        • Bullwinkle says:

          Sure. We will represent the neo-neocons and we will wear tyedied shirts.

        • Boris Abramov says:

          “smoke some big fat joints” ? Surely such immorality wouldn’t be approved by your neocon friends? They prefer to retain their high moral ground by killing and torturing innocent people in Iraq and guantanamo.

          Don’t get offended Texas1, just pulling your leg :)

          But yes, we should defentally do that.

  15. Texas1 says:

    Is that square thing on the bottom of that GPS some kind of old fashion russian style simm card?

  16. Greg Fedorov says:

    The two units in the bottom picture have nothing to do with GLONASS, they are military GPS recievers, still used today in some cases by US and Canadian military, made by Honeywell I believe.

  17. me says:

    Those are gps units on the bottom are US-made.


  18. Sanek says:

    By the way, this device will work under water!!!
    GPS can so?

  19. Sam Dios says:

    the 2nd photo shows an old, long existing gps device, a military device from the usofa

  20. brbrbr says:

    little bulky, but in some areas, simply no choice.
    imgaine for example, when you need global positioning system on ANY[of two:]polar areas.

  21. jmndos says:

    Well, W codes are state secrets.

    W codes are used to encrypt precision information.

    A civilian GPS signal has its precision skewed, in the US anyways, so that it cannot be used for military purposes.

    I heard that GLONASS has no such system, and that the military signal is the same as the civilian signal….very bad…especially if a foreign state starts attacking russia with its own military gps signal…

  22. Igor says:

    The two GPS receivers on the bottom are US made. I have used such GPS in the Army back in 2001. Some people used to complain that it was bulky so they used to buy their own GPS receivers. At least it was allowed in my infantry battalion.

  23. PKS says:

    It is a military GLONASS/GPS receiver for tanks. Not a handheld one.

    “You-can’t-break-it-with-a-sledgehammer”-style, according to Russian tradition.

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  31. prince says:

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  33. Boris Abramov says:

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    Why don’t you add it to “Submissions” on E.R. forum?

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