12 Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

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Deep inside Russian countryside there is a place with a strange object. It’s made solely of wood and is called “The Half-Bridge of Hope”.

It looks like a wooden bridge from one side of hill to another which suddenly finishes on its half. It has no any logical meaning or practical purpose, just stands in one of numerous Russian villages as an art object, made of wood as everything other around it.

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Around this “bridge” there are some other strange structures were built later, also solely from wood.

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This one is called “an icicle generator”, so it generates different sorts of icicles in the winter.

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And this one is “The Tower” made of wood and hay. Some say it resembles the Eiffel Tower of Paris.


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12 Responses to “Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project”

  1. bullet in your head says:

    picture 10 sorta looks like German anti-bombing bunkers from WW-II …


  2. John from Kansas says:

    An large art object with an intricate cantilever stucture. There appears to be a series of stairs on the lower edge leading up to the point. I wonder if the intrepid art enthusiast would experience a bouncing movement while walking up or down the structure. Quite amazing really.

  3. foo says:

    I wonder if the burning structure was intentional, either on the part of the makers or of englishrussia.

    A great country with a space industry, reaching for the stars.

    All smoke and ashes in the end…

  4. eliseiZorine(GLvoid); says:

    well, you know what they say: in soviet russia building confuses you;

  5. yingjai says:

    the half bridge is a great place for suicides

  6. Sukhin says:

    Folks, ever heard of summer festivals? These all were part of such, look at http://www.mdf.ru/search/authors/polissky/

  7. Becka says:

    so where is this?

  8. okinawa says:

    Shoot it in hdr…..

  9. J says:

    the half-bridge of hope, it should be called the full launch-pad of suicide

  10. nightkraawler says:

    one day some drunk guy….weeeeeeeeee…thump

  11. Borgle says:

    Anyone else see this and immediately think of Shel Silverstein?


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