24 St. Petersburg Streets

St. Petersburg Streets

Posted on June 25, 2007 by

st.petersburg, russia 1

Sometimes streets of St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful Russian cities, look like this.

st.petersburg, russia 2

st.petersburg, russia 3

st.petersburg, russia 4

st.petersburg, russia 5

st.petersburg, russia 6

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24 Responses to “St. Petersburg Streets”

  1. killi says:

    That’s pretty sad…

  2. I-Eat-Food says:

    Dirty russians! No wonder they are considered the blacks of Europe!

  3. jf long says:

    Those are pictures of the aftermath of a concert recently held on Palace Square.

    As you can see they didn’t have nearly enough trash containers… not like people would have used them anyway.

  4. Kylex says:

    Currently livin’ in SPb and trying to avoid mass arrangements in the center of the city.
    Huge amounts of people, lack of trash cans and even WCs (!) cause what you see on these pictures. Such disorders is usually being cleared away quickly thankfully.

  5. eliseiZorine says:

    mustof been oktoberfest; its usually not like this;

  6. These are simple consequences празника youth of times in a year. When some thousand person in one place gathers is always terribly. And people walked all the night long. So it is not necessary to offend us – you not better:)

  7. Starshii says:

    Atleast those old poor grannies who collect empty bottles and cans for their living are happy.

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Wow! That must have been some party!

  9. wackyruss says:

    I’ve seen worse. I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 2001 There was trash as far as the eye could SEE afterwards!

  10. Ummagumma says:

    Probably mess after a rock concert

  11. gdrdgr says:

    The comments under the pictures are dishonest! After a concert it’s always like that, anywhere!

  12. Angie from New Orleans says:

    Looks like a cleaner version of Bourbon St after Mardi Gras…

  13. logos says:

    Like this spanish beach (Malvarrosa, Valencia)

  14. Pacific NW says:

    It reminds me of the forests of America.

  15. kt2k says:

    This is a old pictures. Spb celebrate 300 years of founding. 7 consecutive days. 7 days of the weekend. who would be unable to hide?

  16. Saw it... says:

    The above comment is correct – there was a huge concernt on Palace Square Saturday night (June 23) celebrating the high school students’ graduation. The place was packed with people and plenty of trash, broken bottles, etc. under their feet, as the pictures show. However, to the credit of the St. Petersburg municipal authorities, the entire square and Nevsky Prospect were *spotless* by 9:00 am the next morning. All the garbage had been removed and overturned signs, bollards, and other objects had been restored to their normal positions. The city workers must have worked all night long cleaning up!

  17. nutritious says:

    No one was accusing anyone of anything. Party or not, that is a huge mess.

  18. usa - sux says:

    this is COMPROMAT!!!!!! =)))))

  19. spb man says:

    and where drunk bears with balalayka? or they been dead during cold war? hey! dont belive these pictures. You’ll never see it in real life in our city. be more kindly to Russia and u’ll be alive.

  20. Артур says:

    ОГО! Если это в прошлом году, тогда я в Петере в это время был! Но по-моему не на улицах.

  21. reyna elena says:

    i’ve always admired St. Petersburg and its truly beautiful, well at least from some of the other pictures i saw. but i met a couple of Russians who were very nice and one of them was from St. Petersburg, very nice guy. i met him in Budapest when I went to Central European University. it’s disappointing to see a filthy St. Petersburg

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