25 Another Teenage Russian Fun

Another Teenage Russian Fun

Posted on June 25, 2007 by

russian fun to walk on  1

Another strange fun of Russian young people. In city of Tomsk they walk on the handrail of the bridge above the river, 60 ft (20 meters) tall, without any security ropes or any other stuff. Just fully dressed, both girls and boys.

russian fun to walk on  2

russian fun to walk on  3


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25 Responses to “Another Teenage Russian Fun”

  1. killi says:

    Darvin at work.

  2. Dimon says:

    Incredibly boring.

  3. D says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • 3apa3a says:

      Really D,

      You want to tell me otherwise. You want to tell me that in U.S. you will not see hundred angry mothers protesting next to the bridge stating that there should of been something in place to prevent kids 1) from walking on a support 2) from falling down. Not only that, I will gurantee you that the case will be against the city, state, road services and contractor that build the bridge. And guess what. And contractor at the end will be find liable for the accident. We need to feed those lawyers somehow so please get ur facts straight.

  4. eliseiZorine says:

    please post more ecranoplanes, swimming tanks & scary server rooms;

  5. Adam From Canada says:

    Would a 60 foot fall kill you? I dont think so.

  6. D says:

    It is the parents fault for not telling their kids to walk along the bridge normally. It is noone elses fault, stop trying to blame other people for your kids mistakes. Be a parent and stop looking for excuses.

  7. Boris Abramov says:

    Why is no one pushing them in? I wanna see a BIG splash and some bodies floating head down in the water!

    Damn, I wish I was there….

    “Never fear, Boris is here!!!!!”

  8. VLAD says:

    U tebia o’chen malenki hui, skolka…pyaht centimetra?

  9. Dimitri says:

    look at the first pic. those 2 girls are hot…

  10. Lewis says:

    Why do i can’t see?

  11. Arjen says:

    i agree with them, no risk no fun

    first post, anti spam word kgb. ironic

  12. Jodleren says:

    lol, I used to do the same kind of thing in my teens

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  14. prefabrik says:

    I don’t think its drink

  15. kabin says:

    None of these women are even good alone half as attractive as me, and that’s

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  17. haber says:

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  18. guzel sozler says:

    And Lydia is the one who catches it!

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