9 On-ground Torpedo

On-ground Torpedo

Posted on June 22, 2007 by

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 1

Usually torpedoes are underwater missiles fired by ships. But during World War 2 in Russia there were on-ground torpedoes fired manually by people.

They were made right on place with crafty Russian soldiers – the stabilizers were carved of wood and mounted to the normal cannon shell. Then molten TNT was poured inside of the shell in order to fire it.

Today by the way is 66th anniversary of the beginning of the war by Germany against Russia.

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 2

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 3

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 4

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 5

russian jet on-ground torpedoes 6

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9 Responses to “On-ground Torpedo”

  1. adios says:

    у солдата с первой фоты пряжка на ремне Got mit uns

  2. Valnar300 says:

    And how would they be launched?

    • MassiveApathy says:

      They were traditionally carried by 2 chuchkis (3 for larger torpedoes) running at enemy tanks or troop concentrations and remotely detonated by NKVD agents.

  3. martin says:

    Some early design torpedos is gas propelled = rocket

  4. Will USA says:

    Yea, they were some good times!

  5. Cross Eyed Seagull says:

    Molten TNT… ??? There’s a process I’d be more than a little suspicious of! Tell you what you melt it, I’ll watch from a safe distance, say… Texas!!!

  6. gordski says:

    George Formby fights back!!!

  7. Omkar says:

    In Soviet Russia Torpedo is used On Land !!

  8. Omkar says:

    such things can happen only in Soviet Russia and not in Evil Capitalist Amerika !!

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