29 Russian Teenage Fun

Russian Teenage Fun

Posted on June 22, 2007 by

new fun of Russian teenagers 1

People say that in some big Russian cities a flipped upside-down cars started to appear. They say it’s a new fun of Russian teenagers at night.

new fun of Russian teenagers 2

new fun of Russian teenagers 3

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29 Responses to “Russian Teenage Fun”

  1. D says:

    That does look like fun.

  2. sputnishka says:

    Car tipping – better than cow tipping!

  3. Timoteo says:

    It only takes 4 – 5 guys to do. Everyone should try it!

  4. Michael Von Brah says:

    Maybe they should get an alarm system

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Good idea except, an alarm system would cost three times as much as the car…

      • lUp says:

        Actually, nearly every one has one. But all got the same siren, so every car sounds the same. And due to the fact, that they are vibration sensitive, you’re likely to hear a sounding alarm every five minutes.

        Also cars in eastern europe are quite expensive, due to high taxes for imported cars. An alarm system will run you just round 80 $.

        • Paglief says:

          I don’t know how it is where you guys are but here in the UK when a car alarm is sounding, in general, nobody takes any notice, except to be maybe irritated and wish the noise to stop soon. Also, with enough people lifting and pushing, a car can be turned over in seconds so it can be over and the people gone before you respond. I guess if a bunch of kids decide to put your car on its roof all the alarms in the world won’t stop them.

      • Richard S. says:

        One problem though, no one responds to a car alarm. When they do go off they are 99.999% false.

  5. can_you_see my IP says:

    Hi! Just wondering, can anyone see my IP now?

    • Boris says:

      The site administrator can.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Well said Texas1! He is starting to get on my nerves also. He is a bit like FAO + all the Racist racist stuff, so I’m really getting board :(

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Troll-Control -LOL!! You are one sad person, get a life mate.

    • elisei_zorine says:

      i am sorry ; it was me – the reason why i posted this is because i used anonymouse.org a site that prevents ip addresses from being seen by hosts; i was just wondering if it works, thats all, (cause i tried it with my own server & i was getting weird stuff in the logs); check it out if you want

    • Hazi says:

  6. Kolyan says:

    Shotgun is a very useful solution for that “fun”!

  7. Troll-Control says:

    Die Troll!

  8. DIAS_UA says:

    US & UK have more such bad guys that do such bad things, so it’s not a Russian problem, please don’t lie :)

  9. DIAS_UA says:

    US & UK have more such bad guys that do such bad things, so it’s not a Russian problem, please don’t lie :)

  10. Ulcer says:

    This is very old car, it is the VAZ-2101 “Kopejka” (“The copeck”). This is the first model of VAZ ever produced in the USSR. It doesn’t not produced from the end of 80s.
    Some fans likes that cars as rarity and tuning and upgrading them.
    But generally that cars very seldom in use, especially in big cities.
    Sometimes that cars standing broken in the yards for many years occupying parking places.
    Teenagers often destroys and burns that cars, if it seems that owner has forget about his car.

  11. hangman says:

    this is a daily hangman game!! :)

    question: last name of lada developer:

    D_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|P .

    reply with guesses and goodluck!!;D

  12. Friend says:

    I know the yard!!!
    This is my former address – Begovaya Alleya 2.

  13. me says:

    Car? I can’t see a car on the picture flipped over.
    It’s piece of junk.

  14. ss says:

    What is so funny in it ?

  15. Ulcer says:

    Insurance companies in Russia generally doesn’t insure very old cars like this. The price of such cars is often 300-500$.

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